Sunday, August 03, 2008

Dark Knight Coverage

A summary of our Dark Knight coverage

My initial thoughts on the trailer in which I am sad to say I did not like the look of Ledger's Joker. Wow, did I turn around on that completely. I like Miller's Joker as Dandy thing (because it draws attention to Batman-as-Dandy), but actually the fact that the Joker looks like he has been clothed by Vivian Westwood turns out to kind of awesome.

Some reviews of the Dark Knight here, before I got a chance to see it.

My initial cursory review, with much expanded in the comments, which is where the real discussion takes place.

Troy Wilson on Sandwiches and Bombs, which started it all up again

HC Duvall on some of his problems with the film.

Mikey with an interesting idea on the secondary casting.

And James Wheeler's praise of the film, which nicely considers some of our objections.

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