Friday, February 02, 2007

Free Form Comments

All off topic posts go here: random questions, thoughts, anonymous criticism, suggestions, self-promotion (if you have a blog tell people what you have been writing about), announcements, requests to be added to the blog-roll, whatever. If you read but do not comment, introduce yourself here and start commenting.


MItch said...

And speaking of Gnosticism, below...

Did you ever get around to seeing Hedwig, Geoff?

Geoff Klock said...

Have not yet Mitch, sorry.

hcduvall said...

I never read it because I don't know where to find arthur magazine if I tried...but here's an old grant morrison intereview:

Scott said...

I'll finally use this to plug some of my own writing.

Batman Year 100 Review:

As well as my blog, I run the comic review section at We have new comic reviews every Saturday and most every Sunday.

Pat Moler said...

1) What do you think about the Superman movies? Everybody praises the first 2 but I think they all sucked. Luthor was a comical real estate tycoon(a fact joked about in the Singr film) and the Kryptonian powers made no sense. Also the stories just plain sucked.

2) Do you like the show Scrubs?

3)Do you like MMA,also known as Ultimate fighting? I'm sure you're quite the scrapper in a fight. Like a real life

4)What are your religuos views? In an E-mail you recent wrote me you mentioned God. So I'm guessing you're agnostic or something like that.

5)Do you miss Texas, at all?

6)What would you say your political leanings are? You know like Hawkman(conservative) Superman(Centrist) Green Arrow(Liberal) etc. haha

7) What do you think of the Silver Surfer character? I like him because he's god like and pure good. Many people hate him though because...Well because he's God like and pure good.

8) Did OJ do it?

9) Do you have a regular work out regiment, or are you naturally slim? If it's the latter I suggest you do regular ab routines. Generally when Ectomorphic body types go without exercise their digestive organs begins to sag against the abdominal wall. This leads to the digestive organs being unprotective, an easily injured. You could be killed by getting punched in the stomach real hard. I'm just looking out for your health, because I care.

10) When did you hit Puberty? I have a lil' 16 old kid I'm teaching/training and he's built like you and didn't hit puberty tell age 15.

11) What you think of Wolverine's Origin?

and finally...

12) When are you going to put up a better profile pic? and a follow up Why do your eyes appear brown in the pic with your niece, but Blue on your website?

Well I hope you have fun with those question.

Ping33 said...

can we all answer?

1) The first 90minutes of I and the Donner cut of II fucking own.
2) All eps of Scrubs are EXACTLY fucking the same, the Main character learns a lesson about humanity while replacement-Becky gets over some neurosis. Black Surgeon learns to overcome his Ego and Latina Nurse learns not to be such a bitch... yawn.
3) Seriously? This is a real question? YouSoCrazy!
4) Whatever you believe doesn't change what's gonna happen when you die. Why worry about it?
5) Texas sucks half as much as Oklahoma but a little more than Florida.
6) Libertarian with an understanding that the system doesn't work unless someone's at the bottom, we have an obligation to look after those folks and ensure that the cream rises to the top.
7) LOVE HIM! not pure good though... pure innocence maybe.
8) Didn't he just admit it?
9) I have recently gone from being a fat bastard to someone who looks vaguely athletic but gone to seed... I hope to improve further.
10) define puberty. For me it was a long slow process starting at 15/16 ending at 18/19
11) it is what it is.
12) My avatar rawks.

Theo said...

Hey Geoff, thanks for the Casanova recommendation; for some reason I hadn't picked it up but I am happy that I have now. It really rocks! Btw, where did you live in Oxford? I am an SPC boy myself and have lived all over the place...

brad said...

Good idea, Ping.

1) Over-rated. the ending of the first one is STUPID

2) Yes

3)I saw it once. Seems like a real guilty pleasure. Almost pornographic.

4)We are all living in a massive computer simulation. The real world is fild with giant robaots who harvet our body heat for fuel.

5)I enjoyed the little time I spent there. In some ways, I guess I do.

6)Liberal with conservative tendancies

7) Too smooth. Needs hair or something.

8) Who's that?

9) Naturally svelt

10) 11 - what a year!

11) Very nice

12) It's common knowledge that Geoff's eyes change color depending on his mood.

Mitch said...

Has everyone heard? The Joss is off Wonder Woman...

Mitch said...


1) The first Superman has it's moments, but I heave during the "Can you read my mind?" Scene.

2) Scrubs is just silly enough to half- enjoy two (identical, yes) episodes at midnight and midnight thirty, as you fall asleep.

3)Whatever you think, chief.

4)I think that there is an sentient, energy informing all of existence and it is the driving force behind everything. Or we are all on a disk, perched on four elephants that are standing on a giant space turtle. One or the other.

5)I have never once missed Texas. All of my missiles hit it dead on. Ba-Zing!

6)Sometimes disinterested, sometimes hyperinterested, sometimes my opinions change depending on who I'm with. Socially liberal, but I have a lot of sympathy for folks who are die-hard, hard working fiscal conservatives... like my dad.

7) I always tell people I learned to read from Steve Englehart's SS run in the 80's. So I've always dug him.

8) Yep. OJ did it.

9) I walk about a mile a day, thanks to the wonderfully designed city of Manhattan!

10) I hit puberty Sophmore year. Yeah, I was that kid. From "Freaks and Geeks" I mean. You know who I'm talking about. Wait... you're "training" a 16 year old kid, Pat? As a SIDEKICK?? Or just a YOUTHFUL WARD???

11) It's too bad he has one.

12) Geoff's profile pick is money, dude.

Geoff Klock said...

I will get back to you all as soon as I can but right now I am hip deep in working on the proofs of my book for Continuum. But Texas rules: real beef jerky -- made on a ranch -- Freebird Burritos, Chicken fried steak. Nuff said.

Pat Moler said...

Mitch: No I sometimes work with the local wrestling team. Teach them moves, self defense techniques, and fitness and crap.

but I've had my fair number of sidekicks. Thought they all get killed by my Arch-Nemesis.

Brad: MMA kicks ass. It's the purest form of sport. I hate these damn people bashing MMA than calling fort war and gun violence. That's worse than being friggin' hypocritical

brad said...

Hey Pat: Explain. Make me appreciate MMA. Help me understand. Convert me.

Geoff Klock said...

HCDuvall: Thank you.

Scott: That looks like good stuff.


1) they are pretty silly, but I have not seen them in years, and Reeves is often charming.

2) Scrubs had many good episodes and jokes in the earlier seasons.

3) Never seen it.

4) Pragmatically Gnostic; which is to say agnostic, but I act as if I believe in Gnosticsm.

5) Texas rules. Real beef jerky is to slim jims what white castle is to a 15 dollar Bacon Cheesburger at the best place you can think of. Chicken fried steak is one of the greatest inventions on the planet.

6) question 3 also covers my politics.

7) Silver Surfer is one of my favorite comic book characters because he rides that superhero line between ridiculous and sublime perfectly.

8) yes

9) I have a regular workout regiment.

10) I have blocked out all memories of that period

11) I DON'T KNOW IT! (I cannot believe I just admitted that).

12) In the next few weeks I will be testing the waters on adding a videoblog feature, so you will have weekly moving visuals.

Theo: Casanova Rules. I lived in Wolvercote and Headington (for a year each).

Mitch: you have got to be fucking kidding me. After all the wait!

Pat Moler said...

Dang, Klock you said I DON'T KNOW! That means you have to watch the video. The worst(or best) inteview of all time.

I'm sorry I had to share this.

BTW you were right about my gluttony for knowledge being a bad problem. I think I may have lost a good friend because of it. I was just joking around and I took it to far. Make's me feel real bad.

Pat Moler said...

Brad: First off I wasn't trying to insult you or be a jerk. I apologize for that, if that's how it appeared.

Check out the greatest fighter the world have ever seen. FEDOR! Oh and before you say anything. Yes that goofy looking guy really is the greatest fighter alive

Notice he's not a jerk, a barbarian, a muscle bound no talent bruiser. He's a humble, kind, honorable hardworking guy that looks like an average joe.

Now how could you not respect MMA after see FEDOR?

Patrick said...

1) I like them, but too much of the writing (particulary Luther) was self-consciously camp.

2) My buddy really likes it, but I can't get into it.

3) Nope.

4) Catholic, with some reservation about particular doctrines (i.e. homosexuality, papal authority).

5) I don't miss the food poisoning I got last time I was in Texas.

6) New Deal Democrat.

7) It depends on the writer.

8) Hell yes.

9) I'm naturaly heavy, but I'm trying to work in about 40 minutes of exercise a day.

10) I can't remember.

11) Haven't read it.

12) The kid's cute, why bother?

Troy Wilson said...

1)Didn't like 'em then, don't like 'em now. And I still haven't bothered to see Superman Returns.

2)Haven't seen it.

3)Haven't seen it.

4)Anything's possible.

5)Never been there.

6)Oh, don't get me started.

7)What Geoff said. I mean, we're talking about a superhero that rides a surfboard through space - brilliant!

8)Sure seems like it.

9)Regular regiment AND naturally slim.

10)Haven't read it. Not even that curious about it, really.

11)I like the pic. But I look forward to the new videoblog feature too.

Pat: Are you a poor speller or do you just type super-fast? Or both?

(And no, I don't look down upon people who can't spell. Just curious.)

Pat Moler said...

Well from now on I'll post one of my annoying questionaires directed at everyone and not just Geoff next week.

sara d. reiss said...

1) Christopher Reeves was a hottie.

2) Not the new episodes. They're not aging well. I'll take Green Wing over it any day.

3)um... i liked that uh, episode of NewsRadio where Jimmy James got Joe and Matthew to do it.

4)none of your unspecified-deity-i-may-or-may not-belive-in damned business, twerp.

5)I don't Mess With It, that's for sure.

6)Red-Commie-Pinko-Socialist-Bleeding-Heart-Legalize It-O-Crat.

7)that's that dude that looks like that other dude from Terminator 2 but with a surf board, right?

8)Nah, his publisher did.

9)Naturally A Hottie

10)Hit it? I kicked that sucker in tha nuts.

11)Hugh Jackman's a hottie too...

12) He'll change the picture if and when I say so, and not before.

Troy Wilson said...

D'oh, missed a question.


11)Haven't read it. Not even that curious about it, really.

12)I like the pic. But I look forward to the new videoblog feature too.

Craig Taylor said...

1) I did see them when I was younger, but these days I rarely watch a superhero movie.

2) Never seen it.

3) Nope, never seen it. I could be a real 'scrapper', but I avoid fightin' for talkin'. It's called maturity.

4) Interested in all religions (academically). See many good things, but see faults too. So, I would consider myself more agnostic than atheist. I try to keep faith or optimism that things will work out in the end. The universe knows what it's doing.

5) Never been there, but I know that George Bush and Bruce Sterling are both from there.

6) See question 4, exchange "politics" for "religion".

7)Is he *really* a Marvel character? Whose side was he on in Civil War? Didn't Morrison have a Silver Surfer year zero story (with Quitely) planned, but never done?

8) Orange Juice is one of my favorite drinks.

9)Yep. I do Yoga, too.

10) I'm still waiting to reach cosmic puberty, then I can soar the spaceways.

11) I don't know enough (or care) about Wolverine's origin to comment.

12)When I reach cosmic puberty, my eyes will change color (I'm expecting they will probably turn white).

hh, not eh.

Pat "The F'n MoleMan" Moler said...

Hey what are your thoughts on Marvel's Captain Marvel(Mar-Vell)? I always thought the fact that he's stayed dead(kinda) has made him seem like an epic legendary hero of the sorts.

Mitch said...

I watched the movie Brick over the weekend. It's pretty remarkable.

brad said...

Coolest show I've been to in a very long time:

pat moler said...

Check out my net buddy Peter Zotollo "the SightSpeed Guy". He recently signed a deal with Direct TV where he'll be doing a Daily Show like show.

Coligo said...

I think now is as random a time as any to wheel out my Studio 60 opinion, even though nobody has spoken about it in a while and I get the feeling no one here is swooning over Sorkin lately.

Personally, I think the show is great. Whilst I don't believe that it is vintage Sorkin, I still think its probably the best show airing at the moment. The acting and direction are top quality; the whole production looks and feels like a contemporary Howard Hawks movie.

What may be the biggest area of contention, the writing, is in my opinion some of the finest comedy writing in recent television. Where I think most viewers dissatisfaction stems from is that they were looking for a drama show with some comic elements, like The West Wing. But Studio 60 is a comedy with dramatic elements.

Nowhere is that more plain than in the Nevada Day and Harriet Dinner episodes. These episodes are pure sitcom; they feature outlandish characters, far-fetched storylines and P.G. Wodehouse tomfoolery. Tom Jeeter dealing with two dates on the same night, a romantic pairing locked on a rooftop, a snake loose on the set. We're watching a comedy from Hollywood's Golden Age.

As I stand precariously close to the edge of my little soapbox I'll close with a final point. I can understand why people might criticize the show for being snobbish and pretentious when there are jokes about Commedia dell'arte or self-aggrandizing speeches about the importance of television comedy. But all I'm left wondering is which police-procedural/22-minute misfit family sitcom/lawyers fighting for justice/high-concept action adventure show is going to unpretentiously deal with these themes.

Troy Wilson said...

Sure wish I could own one of those puppies, Brad.

Troy Wilson said...

Sure wish I could own one of those puppies, Brad.

Geoff Klock said...

Pat: no opinion on Captain Marvel

Mitch: yes, it is remarkable, one of the best films I have seen in a long time. Also my favorite kind of film: a genre splice film.

Coligo: "Best show airing at the moment" is not a compliment, and I don't think it is true (Lost and 30 Rock are far better at setting out to do something and getting it done). Studio 60 is also not the finest comedy writing on TV: a running joke in one episode about Harriet not being able to tell a joke was not even remotely funny, and neither was the "sorry I mistranslated what my father said" moment. There are many others. Sorkin also showed great talent for writing romance on his other shows, but everyone here lacks chemistry, in a big way.

I think you have a good distinction between West Wing and Studio 60, but fail to mentions Sorkin's Sports Night for a key reason: West Wing is a drama with comic moments and is perfect, Sports Night is a comedy with dramatic moments and is perfect, Studio 60 tries to do what Sports Night did in an hour format with sometimes above average (Whitford is a great actor even when he has no lines), sometimes horrible results (the Danny-Jordan thing is an attempt to do the Rebeca-Danny thing on Sports Night but Studio 60 Danny comes off looking like a stalker, calling her over and over including once at home alone on New Years and changing his number to get through).

I see what you are saying about the episode being like Hollywood's Golden Age, but in the Golden Age they never had a character they wanted the audience to like lose all sympathy by playing him like a sick stalker in a Lifetime Original Movie, and then suddenly backpedal to fix the mistake.

I have never criticized the show for being snobbish and pretentious, obscure or self-aggrandizing. I criticize the show because he has done so much better work in the past, and has now lost his ability to give me goosebumps and count down the number of days until the next episode. I don't think it is unwatchable -- tonight's episode was one of the best so far, which is not saying much -- I just think it is very very flawed.

Coligo said...

Studio 60 is flawed, and not as consistent as Sportsnight, but I stand by my comment that it is the finest show airing at the moment (which, as you point out, currently isn't the greatest complement).

I agree that Lost is very good at leaving me in a state of confusion and frustration, but I think its pretty easy to follow a twist with twenty more mind-numbing twists. I've also got to say that I was a little dissappointed by 30 Rock, only the presence of Baldwin stops it from dying a lonely death in a very quiet room. Unfortunately none of my childish whining will change the fact that both of these shows are far more likely to be renewed than Studio 60.

Out of interest what would you say was the finest comedy writing on television at the moment? With Arrested Development gone I really do think its Studio 60. Also, have you been reading Doctor Strange: The Oath? He's a character I've never really enjoyed, but this is one of the books I'm looking forward to most.

Geoff Klock said...

Lost is a strange thing, but it is my favorite thing on television: the twists probably are pointless, but for some reason I do not care, I am so addicted. Lost gets points for that.

I think the best comedy writing on television at the moment is 30 Rock, but if you want something to compare to Studio 60 -- in terms of being an hour long show that does both comedy and drama -- UGLY BETTY is one of the best shows on television right now, beating Studio 60 on all counts (drama and comedy). Plus it is often very surprising, which is hard to do on TV (and which Lost does well, even if it probably has no point).
Part of the problem with this discussion is the badness of Studio 60 is being determined by West Wing and Sports Night -- but it is Sorkin's own fault for setting the bar so high.

I have not read the Dr. Strange.

mitch said...

I'll back Coligo up on Dr. Strange. The artwork alone is worth it. Plus fun stuff like Strange having to take the subway to a interdimensional gateway.

Also, Jeff Bridges joins team Iron Man. He might be playing Happy Hogan. In any case, The Dude abides.

Matt Brady said...

I just left a lengthy comment about Studio 60 on, but I'll sum it up here: I'm done with the show. Last week's episode was so bad that I'm no longer interested in watching it. Lying about breaking a date and being caught? A couple stuck on the roof? Come on, that's bad sitcom comedy, and acknowledging it as a cliche does not make it any less lame. Terrible.

Oh, and Dr. Strange: The Oath is great. Really good art, and snappy writing, which is Vaughan's forte.

Geoff Klock said...

Matt Brady: I am sticking with it, but only because he made four great seasons of West Wing and two of Sports Night. I would be relieved if the show got cancelled.