Monday, April 21, 2008

AMC TV Sci-Fi Video Blog Thing: The Superhero Parody Movie

I happened to be in the comic book store when some guys from AMC were filming something for their blog. I am in this for 2 seconds and I do not say anything even remotely interesting. Also the interviewer is really tall, and makes me look even shorter than I am at 5'3". But still: me on the internet somewhere requires a hyperlink on this site.

AMC TV Sci-Fi Video Blog Thing.


scott91777 said...

First off, Superhero Movie is a sub-sub genere... it's the lowest form of parody: The spoof.

Secondly, I think the main point missed here is that Superhero Movie isn't so much a Superhero parody movie as it is, like Meet The Spartans and Scary Movie and Epic Movie etc., a pop-culture parody. From what I've seen in the previews... it doesn't just parody Superoes but Donald Trump and Tom Cruise as well as whatever happenned to be in the news the week they were filming... actually, now that I think about it, the Donald Trump Parody (which featured a black costumed spidey) was actually from Meet The Spartans)... yeah, I wouldn't actually consider Super Hero Movie a Super Hero parody movie so much as it is part of another genre altogether that includes Epic Movie, Scary Movie, Not Another Teen Movie... and on and on....

Why am I not suprised you're defending Mystery Men, Geoff?
Hey, at least that was a TRUE Superhero parody movie.

James said...

Condor Man! I LOVED that movie as a kid! Michael Crawford's pretty awesome when you're English and 8.

Matthew J. Brady said...

I was going to post this in Free Form Comments today, but that post isn't up yet, so I'm putting it here.

Geoff, have you seen this?
I figured you might like that.

Geoff Klock said...

Matt -- I have seen that. My friend Alex sent the link to that site years ago and I forgot all about it. Thanks. Bachalo drawing TS Eliot -- yeah that does seem like my thing.