Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Free Form Comments

Say whatever you want to in the comments to this post -- random, off topic thoughts, ideas, suggestions, questions, recommendations, criticisms (which can be anonymous), surveys, introductions if you have never commented before, personal news, self-promotion, requests to be added to the blog roll and so on. If I forget, remind me. Remember these comments can be directed at all the readers, not just me.

ALSO. You can use this space to re-ask me questions you asked me before that I failed to answer because I was too busy.

AND you can use this space to comment on posts that are old enough that no one is reading the comments threads anymore.

You do not have to have a blogger account or gmail account to post a comment -- you can write a comment, write your name at the bottom of your comment like an e mail, and then post using the "anonymous" option.

WRITING FOR THIS BLOG. If I see a big free form comment that deserves more attention, I will pull it and make it its own post, with a label on the post and on the sidebar that will always link to all the posts you write for this blog. I am always looking for reviews of games, tv, movies, music and books.


scott91777 said...

Currently reading the new Palahniuk, so far so good... it definitely seems like it will be better than Snuff... however, the novel is narrated in the broken English of the main character, which, while I can admire the artistic merits of creating an alternate English grammar, can be rather headache inducing. Also, with a plot involving 13 year old forein exchange students who are actually highly trained terrorists... it could just be a glorified episode of South Park... and I'm not sure that's necessarily a bad thing.

Also, Hiroki Murakami (sp?)? My friend Shaun has been raving about him for over a year now and I was thinking about picking up one of his novels at some point this summer, what do you guys think? Suggestions for a good starting point?

finsof72 said...

Never heard of him. Tried googling him and came up with some thing about animal cell technology, something out of Crichton. Incidentally, I'm reading 'The Lost World' by Crichton for about the 10th time since I was 9 years old and it's so un-Crichtony. Like, he speaks perfect English, yet the terms and things he uses are so esoteric they're also headache inducing.

James said...

scott: Haruki. Norwegian Wood is by far my favourite of what I've read, but I think most of his novels are representative of his work.

Shlomo said...


Geoff, how disappointed were you that the LOST episode was not a "real" Richard flashback episode?
I was so bummed.

Geoff Klock said...

yeah, that was some misleading shit. Still basically liked the episode though.

ba said...

Oooh, I didn't realize the new palahniuk book was out. Will have to pick it up tmw.

scott91777 said...

I happenned to be in a comic book store on Free Comic Day, so I picked up a copy of Blackest Night... and there was an advertisment that for the figure of the Black Lantern Earth 2 Superman... looking very Zombified... and a thought occurred to me, do they not believe in embalming in the DCU? I mean as far as comics time goes Earth 2 Supes is pretty recently deceased right? Wouldn't he still be pretty much intact?

I also picked up the latest issue of Kick-Ass, while I loved the first couple of issues, the series seems to be wearing a bit thin now. They're trying too hard... reminds me a lot of Palahniuk's last novel (Snuff). Not in content, but just in terms of the attempt to shock/offend.

Also, in the vein of our recent discussion about casting affecting your perception of characters in other movies...

Last night I saw a stand-up who pointed out that Elizabeth Shue was the girlfriend in Karate Kid... so apparently, after she breaks up with Daniel-san, she moved to Las Vegas, became a prostitute and had sex with Nicholas Cage until he died...

scott91777 said...

Oh, one more thing, I saw Bruuuuuuce! over the weekend! Great Show despite the murky sound quality of Greensboro stadium...


In the middle of the show Bruce takes request from the audience for about four sons... best part? He doesn't limit it to Springsteen songs.

Nils Lofgrens Guitar Solo during "Ghost of Tom Joad"

Getting to see both Max Weinburg and his son play Drums for the boss (for the record, Jay Weinburg, who plays in his own heavy metal band, does give the songs just a bit of a metal kick...
It's kind of like his dad with a pinch of Dave Grohl thrown in)

Here's the set list for anyone interested:

Radio Nowhere
Outlaw Pete
No Surrender
Working On A Dream
Johnny 99
The Ghost of Tom Joad
Raise Your Hand
Seventh Son
Hang On Sloopy
Growin' Up
I'm On Fire
Waiting On A Sunny Day
The Promised Land
Human Touch
Kingdom Of Days
Lonesome Day
The Rising
Born To Run
Cadillac Ranch

Hard Times
Thunder Road
10th Avenue Freeze-Out
Land Of Hope And Dreams
American Land
Glory Days

James said...

Hey! No Lost spoilers in free-form comments! (If that is a spoiler.)

Anonymous said...

...please where can I buy a unicorn?