Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Lost Season 6, Episode 8: Recon

My review of the latest episode of Lost is up on Smartpop. Here is a sample -- click it to read the whole thing.

First off, and this has nothing to do with anything at all, the Last time Widmore was putting a crack team together he got Miles, Charlotte, sexy Naomi, Keamy (the most evil man in the world), the dude from The Wire, Fischer Stevens and Zoe Bell (who didn’t have much to do because of the writer’s strike, but still) and Jeremy Davies. This time he has a poor man’s Tina Fey, and Chip from Kate and Allie and yoghurt commercials (seriously, check Widmore is going to have to make up with Michael Emerson to even think about having a team with the acting chops to take on evil Terry O’Quinn.

One thing I thought of after the show ended was that The Man in Black tells Kate that Aaron now has a crazy mother, and he knows from experience how bad that is. It feels like he is justifying someone other than Claire raising Aaron -- something the psychic told Claire never to let anyone do, or bad things would happen. It will be interesting to see how baby Kwon and Aaron will figure into the show, what with them both being off island.


jennifer said...

i have always been a fan of O'Quinn/Locke.
But this season he is really knocking it out of the park!

James said...

Huh, I forgot Locke had a crazy mother too, and thought they were hinting he's Daniel Faraday.

Not that he'd ultimately be Faraday, mind you, just that the writers were trying to red herring you.

I missed the reference to Miles' father, and that Charlotte worked with him, and that clearly he was using her for recon on Sawyer. Good catch.

Sawyer bringing Locke to Widmore chimes nicely with Locke bringing Sawyer to Anthony Cooper.

neilshyminsky said...

I read a theory that suggested why MiB hasn't been named and what damage might have been done to him by the crazy mom - MiB is Jacob, just as Jacob is Jacob. He's supernatural and schizophrenic.

James said...

Was the circle of ash around the cabin broken the first time we saw it? Or did Hurley break it by accident one time? (I'm wondering how trapped MiB was by the cabin - we've seen "ghosts" since season 1, right? Certainly Smokey was out and about since the pilot.)

Did Ben know Jacob wasn't in the cabin, and if so did he know that MiB was (wait, did he and the Others know there even was an adversary, or is this news to them?)

I remembered that when he was in the cabin, MiB hated technology. Which works with the Season 5 finale, but maybe now he's Locke he doesn't care so much? He's fine with the plane, for instance.

Rousseau(?) said Smokey was a "security system" - maybe she wasn't so far off the mark, and MiB's job actually is to protect the island (as punishment for something, presumably) - he's a baddie because he's derelict in his duties, wanting to leave. Although Jacob loves bringing guys to the island, so that'd make him bad too, from the island's POV.

UNLESS MiB wanting to leave is boo'shit, and really he's just rounding people up for a slaughtering (people he can't just Smokey to death, because they have gifts from Jacob).