Friday, May 21, 2010

Free Form Comments

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plok said...

My first full episode of Lost, hooray!

I think I picked a good one to start off with, don't you?

Ugh, urge to spoil is strong...must resist in case Geoff has been busy...

Verification: "seraf". I hope you liked it, Losties -- I did, and I didn't even watch the show.

Jake said...

it was sort of good and extremely frustrating.

Anonymous said...

As a Chris Bachalo fan, Geoff, are you planning to pick up Amazing Spider-Man #630-32? 632 comes out May 26. I just bought #628 in Borders because of Roger Stern, really, as I write him sometimes (and he writes back, bless 'im). That was my first Spider-Man comic in quite a while!

LOL, Plok.

FMICH said...

I agree with a lot of things already you say guys.
The Catholic references, the "unconnected dots", and particularly the lack of "scientific reason" in season 6 as a whole...
Geoff, your explanation is in fact the most similar to the interpretation I have given to the show, though I feel some major matters were poorly addressed:
Some confusing or contradictory facts:

1) If they survived the crash: then when did characters such as Kate or Sawyer die, as in the "Chiristian Shephard-last words to Jack" kind of way? ("We are all dead.."?)

If they didn´t survive the crash:
Where do they go when they die on the island? for example Charlie? You get to have a "two in a row" death?And it is the same "cosmical label" as a "one time" dead?
And Locke?! He didn´t just die twice!, plus, his body was abducted by the "dark forces"...

2)Where does Kate, Lapidus, Sawyer, etc. travel with the plain? I imagine that their "goal" on the island (which made them fulfill their destiny), was actually leaving it! Both Kate and Sawyer wanted to get away from there with all their strengths, and Kate loved to "run wild", etc...
Ok... lets suppose its that.. and after they accomplished their respective goals what? the Universal clock automatically restart so they are able to remember each other in the alt u?

3)When the Oceanic Six go back to Life? Home? If they were dead: how did they manage to live around for three years, interacting with different persons, and not realizing they were dead?
If they were alive, how and when did Kate, Sawyer, etc. die?!

Last but not least:

4)The island:
As many of you point out: I like the thing about characters and everything... but what the f*** happened with the island?!
It moved through time and space...
It had a Godly-Electromagnetic-Light "bulb", or core...
"Smoke Banana" which could fly through the sky...
Come on! Are we serious? Im trying to convince my rectangular minded father that it´s a show worth watching, but it seems as if I´m not given the right kind of tools for the job...

As somebody beautifully said way up:
It´s been a fun ride, but it shure could have been funnier...

The show on its whole was good. Why just good?
Because Excellence is achieved by synergys. Not by some uncorrelated, incoherent group of events, which by convenience are left for the fans to workout...

A detail I particularly love to hold on to:

When jack´s father tells him that the most important part of his life, he "lived" on the island with the rest.
Brings up not only the question, but also the hope?, that perhaps theres nothing in THIS life to garantee that it will be better than the next, not even that it will be better than the "MIDDLE-LIFE"!

As Mayer´s "Why Georgia" would sing:

"Am I living it right???"

We all like to think we do.
For all of you who are in doubt, don´t worry, Lost brought our hopes back!