Monday, June 07, 2010

Free Form Comments

Say whatever you want to in the comments to this post -- random, off topic thoughts, ideas, suggestions, questions, recommendations, criticisms (which can be anonymous), surveys, introductions if you have never commented before, personal news, self-promotion, requests to be added to the blog roll and so on. If I forget, remind me. Remember these comments can be directed at all the readers, not just me.

ALSO. You can use this space to re-ask me questions you asked me before that I failed to answer because I was too busy.

AND you can use this space to comment on posts that are old enough that no one is reading the comments threads anymore.

You do not have to have a blogger account or gmail account to post a comment -- you can write a comment, write your name at the bottom of your comment like an e mail, and then post using the "anonymous" option.

WRITING FOR THIS BLOG. If I see a big free form comment that deserves more attention, I will pull it and make it its own post, with a label on the post and on the sidebar that will always link to all the posts you write for this blog. I am always looking for reviews of games, tv, movies, music, books and iPhone apps.


Gorga said...

Hi there! I'm Jon Gorga, a comics lover/writer/maker/blogger/thinker.

If you enjoy intelligent commentary and conversation about the Comics medium and visual storytelling you could do worse than to check out a our three-writer blog The Long and Shortbox Of It!

(Geoff I'm a fan of your work. Used "How to Read Superhero Comics and Why" for my senior college thesis! Appreciate the opportunity to spread word about our blog!)

Geoff Klock said...

you have been added to the blogroll and my reader

Gorga said...

Muchos appreciated! You've been on mine since I found the blog a few weeks ago. I like it!

James said...
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James said...

This is the weirdest thing: I just got done with the three trades of Frank Miller's Daredevil run, and was... not surprised, but I definitely noticed a lot of chaff with the wheat. I thought "if only they'd put out a collection of just the Elektra stuff" - turns out they did that 20 years ago. £3.50 on Amazon Marketplace! That's a bingo!