Sunday, April 15, 2007


On his website (link on the right), Matt Fraction has put up the solicit for the 8th issue of Casanova. I wrote him back in August to tell him Casanova, only three issues in, was my favorite comic book of all time, and I wrote him again to send him a link to my Gutter Geek review of the first four issues. I told him I was finishing up my doctorate and he said "Future Doctor Klock (A comic book name if I ever heard one)." Check out the name of the bad guy in Casanova 8:

Written by Matt Fraction
Art by Fábio Moon
Cover by Gabriel Bá
22pp - $1.99

An all-new storyline and an all-new artist-- the stunning Fábio Moon-- ignites here as CASANOVA returns with the perfect jumping-on point for new readers. What terrible truth lurks inside Dokkktor Klockhammer's horrible horror hospital? How much time passes on page eleven? Who IS that masked man? Who's the stone-cold fox behind the stick of that sick assault aircraft from the future? Do all women from the future look like that? We sure hope so-- because the future is where we'll spend THE REST OF OUR LIVES. And it's only the future that holds the answer to these questions and more, including the biggest, bestest question Casanovanauts near and far will be asking themselves for a long time to come:


CASANOVA volume 2: we have come from tomorrow to save you from boring.



Matt Jacobson said...

That's awesome, actually - congrats Geoff. But no Gabriel Ba? He's a huge part of the series... that sucks.

James said...

Congratulations future Doc Klock, that is incredibly wonderful.

It's worth noting that Fabio Moon is Gabriel Ba's twin brother. Obviously that doesn't mean their art will be identical, but I think it's safe to expect a similar sensibility.

Unknown said...

Holy crap! Geoff, I am ridiculously jealous. That is some cool, cool news.

As for Fabio Moon, he and Gabriel Ba are partners, so I imagine his art will be similar, at least.

Unknown said...

James beat me to it. I didn't realize they were twin brothers though. Interesting.

Anonymous said...

Great news, Geoff! It'd be cool to be a character in almost ANY comic, let alone a comic you respect and adore so very, very much. Congrats!

Anonymous said...

Well, I added the "hammer" to give it a little more of a, I don't know, Teutonic-evil spin. The extra Ks in DOKKKTOR was just, y'know, YAY COMICS. Any similarities between DOKKKTOR KLOCKHAMMER and Future Doctor Klock are purely ridiculous.

also: fábio is indeed gabriel's twin brother. in terms of style, whereas gabriel is cool, elegant pen-work, fábio is warm, lush brush-work. the pages finished to date both FEEL like CASANOVA and, at the same time, feel like *new* CASANOVA. If Gabriel comes from the Mignola tradition, Fábio comes from Pope.

Fábio, in very short order, has managed to honor what has come before and to assert his own voice simultaneously. Gabriel and I both figured that if someone had to take over art chores for the second arc, Fábio was the only possible candidate. Not only do they share studio space and are constantly seeing one another's work, Fábio was there from the start and was watching the world of Casanova grow from the very start. It's clearly CASANOVA, but it's an all new, all different CASANOVA... the effect is perfect, especially for this arc.

Check out their ROCK N ROLL book for a taste of the stylistic differences. I'm happier than a pig in mud with it all.

(And thanks, Doc, for being okay with the wholly unlicensed theft and bastardization of your handle)

Anonymous said...

Scale of one to ten- how awesome is this?


Streebo said...

Congratz on such a unique honor, Geoff! This puts you in the company of such greats as Jim Steranko who served as Kirby's inspiration for Mister Miracle and Kevin Smith who served as the inspiration for Bluntman! Heheh.

I've recently picked up the first seven issues of Casanova after hearing about it on this blog. I'm alternating reading through Casanova and The Exterminators. I'm up to issue three and love it so far. Greatest of all time? Wow. I'll have to weigh in after after I finish issue 7.

For anyone that was not aware - the Comic Geek Speaks guys interviewed Matt Fraction a few episodes back. It was a very candid, intimate and heartfelt interview that makes you fall in love with Fraction whether or not you've ever cracked a single page of his works. Check it out!

Matt Fraction interview

Thacher said...

That's just the kick ass, man...

Casanova is also one of my favorite books, and I look forward to the trade, as I think it will be even better in one big gooey reading.

Darius Kazemi said...

Wow, that's amazing! Casanova is truly a great book.

Geoff Klock said...

Fraction: You are the MAN for naming a character off of me. Thanks for the updated on the art. YOU ROCK. CASANOVA FOREVER.

Anonymous said...

Dokkkk Klockhammer, you fanboy, you. Congrats.

Can hardly wait for August and Casanova's return. Fabio's in the Pope tradition? As in Paul, I assume. That, I will have to see.

And Fraction: Champions is the next Ultimates (oooh, I know it's too early to call, but, I'm hoping). It will be the only Marvel comic I'm buying in 2007.

Mitch said...


Geoff Klock said...

Champions! Long Live Matt Fraction.

Geoff Klock said...

Plus he has a kid of the way. Congrats