Saturday, August 02, 2008

Missing How to Read Superhero Comics and Why Pages

I know there were copies of my first book that ran with a printing error in which a dozen pages were blank. I have gotten two emails about it, and in the past just photocopied and mailed the pages to folks who contacted me. I got another one this week and realized -- scanner! So here are the missing pages, if you have a copy with missing pages. I assume regular readers would have mentioned this before, but I want to keep this page on the blog so I can easily link to it, if someone does go looking for it. Click the thumbnails for larger, readable versions.


Siege said...

By the way, thanks for doing this. The book makes a lot more sense now! Plus the scans are almost exactly the right size for cutting out and taping into the book!


joeyTheGreat said...

can i have free download link for this book?....i need it for my thesis..i couldn,t find it in indonesia......ty..