Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Comics Out 7 June 2006

New feature: Once a week I am going to call attention to notable comics coming out (if I think there are any). I have no idea if the comics will be good, but I will be picking them up.

Allan Heinberg and Terry Dodson's Wonder Woman #1 comes out today. Wonder Woman from the writer producer of The OC. With Joss Whedon writing and directing the upcoming film, Wonder Woman suddenly has my attention.

And bad news for Seven Soldiers #1 on


liam said...

what does being "resolicited" entail?

Geoff Klock said...

Previews is a big book that comes out every month detailing what comics and comic book related stuff will be out. It is a catalogue that comic book stores order from. Previews comes out three months before the stuff in previews hits the shelves, so comic book stores already ordered all the copies of Seven Soldiers #1 they thought people would buy. "Resolicited" means that all those orders are cancelled but that, at some point in the future, Seven Soldiers #1 will appear in Previews again. The problem is that since Previews is three months ahead the earliest we will see the issue is September. Could be longer.

I am sure this happens all the time, but I can't remember this happening with something I was getting.

The Futurist said...

On Newsarama, JH Williams wrote:

"hey all, just wanted to pipe in here and give my two cents for what it's worth. i apologize that seven soldiers has gotten so screwed up. the script wasn't fully ready until recently and i needed to have some work so i did a single issue for detective. i know that DC has solicited the following issue of detective as me doing that as well. however that is wrong info. i had to finish the 821 issue of detective while waiting on script for seven soldiers. that came in while working on detective so now i am fully working on seven soldiers fulltime. but one of the other reasons it will take so long is that it will be a monster of a task. the issue is loaded with all kinds of stuff that is taking some serious care from the drawing side of things. hopefully you will all see what i mean when the issue does make it to your book shelf. i will be returning to batman stuff when seven soldiers finally wraps"

Honestly, I'm most pissed off about how DC handled the announcement of the book being resolicted. One or two sentences. No apologies. Fuck that. The fact that the artist has to take it upon himself to assuage the doubts of the books loyal fans, is appalling.

Ping33 said...

Geoff, you should check out Bomb Queen published by Image. I eagerly await your blog about how Bomb Queen is the 21st century Wonder Woman.

On WW#1 it was ok, but hardly revolutionary or ever very note-worthy it seems about on Par for the whole DC One Year Later thing.

Geoff Klock said...

Ping33: I will check that out, Thanks.

(By the way I had a sudden realization that everything you said about All Star Batman was right and I will be blogging about it shortly).

I was actually not able to get WW#1 yet because my store sold out -- I will have to wait till next week.

Ping33 said...

Cheers dude... but I'm ALWAYS right about everything I say about anything ;)

I forget when you and I last spoke about ASB&R:TBW I have a newish wrinkle to my theory, namely that the whole series happens between Detective Comics 37 and 38 and explains from a meta-textual viewpoint how the noir 'Shadow'-like violent Batman of Detective Comics 27-37 turned into the happy go lucky "Chummy" Batman who is the leader of "the dynamic duo."

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