Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Comics Out 30 August 2006

Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely's All Star Superman #5 hits today, as does Bachalo's X-Men 190. Nothing in comics news jumped out at me. Discuss, review, recommend.


mitch said...

Boy, everybody's quiet 'round these parts this week.

Well, I have to say that I bought both of the titles above. Still enjoying both. The Lex in All Star Superman is everything I wish Kevin Spacey was in the movie. I did get the feeling that this issue was setting up a later encounter with Lex.

OH! But that two page spread of Lex, Clark and the guards going down the stairs is another Quietly masterpiece.

Geoff Klock said...

Mitch: for myself I have been less active here because I am in the middle of moving from Oxford to New York. I wrote these Harold posts awhile ago so I would not have to put the blog on hiatus. Everyone else may be on labor day stuff. (In the future I am going to push back blogging if it is a holiday).

I don't give a damn about X-Men; I have not even read it yet, but I have looked at all the great pictures. Bachalo is hands down my favorite comic book artist.

All Star Superman 5 was everything I wanted and nothing I didn't. Perfect Lex Luthor: overactive, crazy, audacious, powerful, confident, weird. The two pages you mention are amazing, as is the bit where the Parasite falls through the floor which is also the gutter of the image. And again, Jamie Grant did an amazing job, with the reds at the end and the stone surfaces throughout.

ping33 said...

I liked ASS5, still getting that Lex as the Evil Grant Morrison vibe from it. My only real problem is that after months (and months) of waiting for it to be released it sometimes just seems like its over too fast. I mean, I read this issue while standing in Old Street Tube station waiting for a friend, that was just it... it was over. I wish they had had these books done before releasing them, I see no reason not to do so when it comes to limited series.

Ultimate Fantastic Four was weird... I LOVED the art... LOVED IT but thought that the writing was a waste of space without even one new clever spin on things which to me has been the hallmark of this series no matter who writes it.

Even stranger is how GREAT Busiek's Superman is and how awful his Action Comics is... I guess it's better than two mediocre books.