Saturday, August 19, 2006

Technical Difficulties 2

The hosting company for, Readyhosting, has transferred my website, without telling me, to another company, Both companies have failed miserably, and my website has fallen in the cracks of the transfer, as have the images for the blog. Sara Reiss is in the process of moving the website to a new hosting company, but it is likely that the site will be down for more than a week. Because the blog is linked with the site, I am going to put the blog on hiatus until Monday, August 28.

In the meantime, go get the first three issues of Matt Fraction and Gabriel Ba's Cassanova. I picked them up when Ping33 recommended them, and found the best comic book I have read in I-can't-remember-when. Shockingly good. It is as good as the best of Grant Morrison, and I love Grant Morrison. I will blog about the book soon, when all this is sorted out.

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sara d. reiss said...

I have smoteth the enemy with my mighty sword. Or summat to that effect.

His site is back, oh readers of the blog, so never fear.

-cheers, s.