Tuesday, October 31, 2006

John Clare’s Mouse’s Nest (Commonplace Book)

I found a ball of grass among the hay
And proged it as I passed and went away
And when I looked I fancied something stirred
And turned agen and hoped to catch the bird
When out an old mouse bolted in the wheat
With all her young ones hanging at her teats
She looked so odd and so grotesque to me
I ran and wondered what the thing could be
And pushed the knapweed bunches where I stood
When the mouse hurried from the crawling brood
The young ones squeaked and when I went away
She found her nest again among the hay
The water oer the pebbles scarce could run
And broad old cesspools glittered in the sun.

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Geoff Klock said...

Next week's commonplace post will be my favorite poet, John Ashbery, on why he thinks this weird little poem is so great. So if you don't see the point of this poem for now, come back next week.