Thursday, December 28, 2006

Comics Out 28 December 2006

Comics Out this week: Joss Whedon and John Cassaday's Astonishing X-Men 19 and Matt Fraction, Ed Brubaker and David Aja's The Immortal Iron Fist 2. I will review something tonight in the comments, once I have read them.
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Plus a great bonus: Casanova #1 -- THE WHOLE ISSUE -- is up at Newsarama to read for free; so if you have heard me go on and on and haven't got the book, check it out. Subsequent issues don't get significantly better or worse -- the first issue is a good representation of the book as a whole, a good way to judge if it is for you or not.

Review. Discuss. Recommend.

EDIT (4:31 Dec 28): Brad Metzler and Ed Benes's Justice League of America 5 is also out today: I got thrown -- in this topsy-turvy world of All Star Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder, Planetary, and the Ultimates -- by an issue coming out only two weeks after the previous one.


hcduvall said...

Comics are out tomorrow this week. Happens after holiday weeks. The aborted new comics wednesday is the saddest day in the nerd week.

hcduvall said...

Sorry about that, I'm completely wrong. I took one day off and have been misremembering the day of the week since getting back to work. To me, you're all in the future!

Geoff Klock said...

hcduvall: hilarious.

The Immortal Iron Fist continues to be fun, an above average book with some nice touches, such as the "guh" after a fall, "I know kung fu" (the line from the Matrix) and a little wobbly "whoop" over his head as he blacks out. I don't know how much I need the historical interludes (they feel a little like padding) but Aja is great, and knows how to draw a clear fight scene. That last bit should not be a compliment, but it is a rare skill, unfortunately.

JLA 5: This book continues to surprise me by being just one notch better than it needs to be. I am liking the "big bad" reveal (its fun) and Metzler mostly handles all his disparate locals with grace and good structure. The comic book history as memories is a little tired at this point, and not all his characters are coming together in a satisfying patter yet (I guess I am getting annoyed by the wait a little) but overall, better than I would have thought.

Astonishing X-Men: This book just gets better and better, and is fast becoming a solid all time favorite. We get a teaser with a heartbreaking twist, a dynamic and striking title page, the X-Men in space (something Grant Morrison never did, can you believe it?), and some great lines, including Peter's little joke and the final line of the issue. I have said it before and I will say it again: Joss Whedon knows how to have fun.

Mitch said...

I'm still in GA for the holidays and surprise, surprise... we're still a day behind everything down here. So no comics yet.

But, Part 2 of my article Microcosmic Awareness is up at Silver Bullet Comics. It touches on things like Superman Returns (the just of what is at SBC started as a comment here), Alan Moore's "Night Olympics" in 1986 and, since I can't seem to move on, the first X-Men film.

PS: My editor credited himself as author, too.

Ping33 said...

I thought JLA was fantastic.
But the best thing I got this week was the most recent Dini Penned Detective Comics, the one with the Joker and Robin on the cover.
A while ago I posted that the Joker was my favourite comics character with Laughing Fish and Killing Joke as the two best stories featuring him. This issue of Detective is instantly in the same sentence with those two. In many ways it combines what's best about both of them. It's a brilliant issue, certainly the best single issue of anything which I've read this year.

Scott said...

Justice League? Really? For some reason, I'm just not connecting with this book. I'm tired of it taking 5,6 or 7 issues to assemble a team and this title is just grating on me at this point. I want to see them doing something at this point. I'll even take them helping a little old lady across the street. All they've done so far is talk about being the Justice League. Next issue looks to correct this problem a bit but I'm wondering if it's too little too late for me.

Scott said...

And I was also a bit disappointed in Astonishing X-Men this week. The last 6 issues have been the best that Whedon and Cassaday have done yet this issue felt like a step back. The threat just hasn't felt huge from incompetents like Ord and Danger is moved off screen too quickly to have any real presence. Other than the Kitty/Peter scene (a nice counter to the scene during Danger when Peter told Kitty that she wasn't crowding him nearly enough,) I missed the interaction of the main characters.