Friday, December 15, 2006

Free Form Comments

It's the dumping ground for all off topic comments -- complain, self-promote, bring up off the wall things to talk about, ask to be added to the blog roll, whatever.

For my part this week I wanted to draw attention to a website I am sure everyone already knows about, but for some reason I just found it myself this week. It's called Project Rooftop. I don't care about the Halloween-style costume contest that is currently up; the main point of the site is to showcase artists who redesign the costumes of traditional superheroes. For example, here is Jamie McKelvie's Wonder Woman from April 26th:

Should be Joss Whedon's Wonder Woman, no? Anyway, the site quite cool, and there isn't that much there, which means you can see everything in a few minutes. What I like about it is the way it combines superhero material with fashion magazine ideas -- these are importantly not character redesigns, they are costume redesigns. And one of the rules is that you cannot put the character's name in the image, so you can redesign, but not to the point where you can no longer recognize the character, which is excellent. I like people who try to make superheros stylish and cool, cause they should be both. This is a step in the right direction.


jennifert72 said...

love the wonder woman outfit... i wonder where i can get one ;)

jennifert72 said...

the halloween costumes pictures are hysterical!

Kevin said...

I only wish they would get a larger network of artists contributing so there could be redesigns posted more often.

Geoff Klock said...

Yeah, they don't do enough with the good idea they have, do they. It's like Planetary -- brilliant idea, no follow through. It makes me want to do something to help, but I can't draw, so I am going to have to think of something else.