Friday, June 08, 2007

Free Form Comments

Say whatever you want to in the comments to this post -- random, off topic thoughts, ideas, suggestions, questions, recommendations, criticisms (which can be anonymous), surveys, personal news, self-promotion, and so on.


Mitch said...

Ocean's Thirteen is reviewing very well. I'm excited to see it this weekend.

Pat Moler said...

That Dark knight viral campaign looks interesting. on one site there's a hidden code that says "See you in December." My guess is it's when the trailer comes out.

Christian said...

Since I'm in a New X-men state of mind, whatever happened to Ernst? And how is it connected to the cocoon CN thing from Whedon's AXM: Torn?

Also, thought of doing other Morrison stuff? Or just great bulks of comic analyses?

Streebo said...

Repost from the last free form comments:

Geoff - if you don't want to review Morrison after your X-Men analysis - how about Ellis' Planetary? I know your book basically did that - but it would be nice to see your thoughts on all of the later issues as well as a point by point break down of the earlier ones.

Speaking of which - when is How to Read Superheroes Comics and Why second edition coming out?

Comics fandom needs you right now more than ever. We are halfway through the current age of superheroes and people need direction!

Geoff - I am getting the feeling that you are hitting that wall of burn out right now. It happens to us all from time to time. Maybe you just need to switch gears for a bit.

Ping33 said...

The Paul Dini run on Detective Comics is the single best Batman run ever. Thank GOD JH Williams never made it past issue one, if he was the regular artist there wouldn't be enough detergent in the world to clean out the cum stains in my trousers.

Crush for PSP is the most innovative puzzle game since Tetris.

The 2012 Olympic Logo isn't half as bad as it's been made out.

Fantastic Four 2 fills me with dread. The Coming of Galactus is one of my favourite Comic-Book stories of all time, I don't see how a big-budget movie of it could be bad... but I don't understand how FF2 could be good. Something must win and I fear the latter.

Hey Kids! Do You Like Podcasts?! Y'all need to listen to RadioLab. It's like This American Life except they answer the great metaphysical questions with Science rather than Art and reminiscence. I Particularly Recommend:

Streebo said...

Fantastic Four 2 fills me with dread. The Coming of Galactus is one of my favourite Comic-Book stories of all time, I don't see how a big-budget movie of it could be bad... but I don't understand how FF2 could be good. Something must win and I fear the latter.

Ping - Have you seen the full trailer yet? It shows the Thing and Johnny Storm switching powers. I don't remember that happening in the original story. How is it possible to mess up something with a perfect blueprint for success right in front of you? I fear that FF2 will answer that question.

Jason Powell said...

What about that ghastly bit in the preview when Sue has the Torch's powers, and Reed exclaims "You're on fire!" and she yells back really obnoxiously, "Ya think?"

Having seen that preview at least twice now, I feel confident in saying that I shall never find Jessica Alba attractive again.

neilshyminsky said...

ping33: You're right about the Olympic logo. It's even worse than they're making it out to be. (This is my indirect plug for my blog, naturally, where I rant about it.)

troy wilson said...

I'm going to be interviewed on the radio this Monday, June 11th, about my first picture book for kids, Perfect Man. If you wanna listen online (, fill your boots.

My segment will start around 3:07pm Pacific time, and will be about 30 - 40 minutes long. The book's illustrator will also be on, as well as a special teacher.

Actually, the book first came out in 2004, but since a) the end of the school year is fast approaching and b) it's a great tribute to teachers, C-FAX agreed to shine the spotlight on it - and on teachers generally.

LurkerWithout said...

Why do HBO boxed sets cost so damn much? Why must you taunt me so The Wire: Complete Season 1?

Mitch said...

I think Fantastic Four 2 is going to be pretty gruesome, based on the clips and stuff. It's not a bad idea to bring in Silver Surfer, but the nip/tuck guy, Alba and Grufford are soooo miscast.

Does anyone remember the rumor that circulated years ago-- before Tim Story came on board the first FF movie-- that Soderburgh and Clooney's production company was going to produce/direct the Fantastic Four movie?

It's fresh in my mind because I just saw 13 last night, but let's all think about that for a second.

Jumaan said...

Hey, Lurker, wait til Best Buy runs an HBO sale - they're half off. 35-40 bucks is worth it. Hell to be honest 80 is worth it for the Wire - it's almost a shame how good that show is.

Matt Brady said...

Streebo: Geoff previously mentioned that he's thinking of following up the NXM analysis with The Maxx.

Ping: I'm not familiar with this Crush you speak of. What's it like? Lumines for the PSP is one of my favorite games of all time, although it's not really that innovative outside of the musical/rhythm tie-ins to the gameplay. I've also heard Practical Intelligence Quotient (or whatever it's called) is pretty good; kind of a box-shifting sort of thing. I might have to check it out.

Unfortunately, my PSP is having issues. I can't get the firmware to upgrade, so I can't play any more recent games, like the copy of Lumines 2 that I bought a while back. I'm wondering if I need to send it in to Sony, or maybe try to trade it in for a new model. Crap.

Oh, and I'll throw in my recommendation of The Wire. Really, recommendation is not emphatic enough. It's seriously one of the best TV shows ever, and I'm not exaggerating when I say that (superlatives bug me).

Also: I usually link to my blog, but I don't feel like doing that right now. But I will link to Eddie Campbell's commentary on a review I did on my blog. He didn't like the way I wondered if Kampung Boy was comics or not, which seems to be a pet peeve of his. If you read his post, make sure to check out the comments, because Stephen Frug, who sometimes leaves comments here, pops in to defend me, and he's one smart cookie. He and Campbell had a similar discussion a while back, and there's a link to it in Campbell's post; I love reading theoretical stuff like that (or some of the stuff that Geoff writes), but it always makes me feel kind of dumb.

Marc Caputo said...

Geoff and all who are interested in Warren Ellis and/or Planetary:

(I get e-mail posts from Ellis from a site I subscribe to)

"Almost ten years to the month that John Cassaday and I had our
first conversation at San Diego about creating a new series: I have
just completed and delivered the full script for PLANETARY #27,
the final issue of the series.

I am now going to get drunk and find something to have sex
with. I'm home alone, so the chinchilla has a right to look nervous.

Done. Never ask me anything about it again. DONE.

-- W"

Also, the last two S60s (especially this last one) were as close to GOOD Sorkin as can get - with flashes of classic Sorkin in the latest ep's ping-pong flashback.

Troy Wilson said...

I agree 1000%, re: The Wire. Creme de la creme.

Jumaan said...

Yeah honestly, I think The Wire is the best TV show ever.

Ping33 said...

Matt: Crush is kinda like A puzzle game mixed with Paper Mario... strange indeed

The Wire isn't just the best TV show ever, it's the best Police fiction ever.

Matt Brady said...

Crush sounds interesting. I'll have to look up some info about it. Thanks for the tip.