Thursday, June 21, 2007

Satacracy 88.9.1

The new episode of Brad Winderbaum's Satacracy 88 is up at And some big things have transpired since I last posted about the series. First, Satacracy 88 won the Webby Award / People's Voice award for best drama, online film, and video. Then it also won the Emmy award for outstanding broadband drama, a new category.

As for the new episode, it features some great stuff, including my favorite effect in the series so far -- the teleportation out of the storage facility. It is also fun to see 88 square off against a guy (Martin in back) who looks like he is out of 24. The episode ends on a great beat, as Angela puts a tape -- yes a cassette tape -- into the car stereo as she drives off with a handcuffed girl next to her.

Expect this series to get big now that it has won big awards. It will be on TV before you know it, and you can say you saw it when.


brad said...

It was an honor to be nominated among a group of such talented filmmakers and we are totally humbled to have been granted the first Emmy ever awarded in this category.

Thank you all, especially Geoff, for supporting us in our journey through the very new medium of web-based storytelling. Every time you tuned in and watched, you affirmed that we were creating something really cool and worthwhile. It's been an amazing ride so far, and we are all looking forward to developing new shows for you to manipulate, control, and enjoy in the future.

If you're interested, you can watch our Emmy acceptance speech at

Streebo said...

Hey Brad -

Congratz on your success!

I really want to watch Satacracy 88 - but I have dial up at home. Whenever I try to download it at a friend's house - there are errors.

Are there any plans to make DVDs available?

brad said...

DVDs will definitely become available soon. In the meantime, try watching our shows on youtube at