Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Comics Out August 1, 2007

Greg Pak and John Romita Jr's Wold War Hulk 3 (of 5). Romita delivers satisfying violence, and Pak does a pretty good job giving us something to slow down the punching: Ross gives a good speech, and a conversation between Banner and and Strange leads to a strong moment in which the Hulk is so strong he can cripple Strange at a distance. There is also a smart moment in which we the audience of the book are implicated in all the violence, cheering it on and demanding more. Unfortunately the last page was a little silly, but you never know, maybe it will work. I also do not like that so much hinges on the Sentry, a character I know next to nothing about. But this issue was better than the last two.

Comic-cons annoy me, with their 99% hype and 1% news ratio, and I do not have much to say about San Diego; except that I am glad to hear that Morrison is on Final Crisis with J.G. Jones. Cause I always get suckered into these big events, and at least it has guys I really like attached.

Review, recommend, and discuss this week's comics and comics news.

I am going to blog about the wonderful comics that came out last week later.


Anonymous said...

What did you think of All Star Batman and Robin 6? I love the new Batgirl design. I also love the Repitition of "the Goddammed Batman" at this point I think Miller MUST have gone back and added some during the delays to play around with that whole bit.


Elijah Fly said...

Still recommend the original Sentry series. Still bugged by current treatment.

LOVE Ross shooting Hulk in the face. Also dig that Ross is confronting the 'military doesn't understand plot X, and are just making things worse," cliche. Hulk got his chances, and people like Ross paid for it.

I bought a "real" book in Crooked Little Vein. It made my day.

nicholas reed said...

Metal Men #1 from DC this week surprised me with how much I liked it. The art by Duncan Rouleau was very Chris Bacahalo-esque, and the writing (based on some Morrison concepts) was spot-on. I would recommend everyone get it and immediately fall in love with it.

Also, I picked up the Iron Fist hardcover, and Holy Hell am I on board for the rest of the series now.

ATOM HOTEP said...

I absolutely cannot wait for the dark alternate future "Death Metal Men".

Matt Brady said...

If anyone's interested after Elijah's comment, I reviewed the original Sentry series a while back. Quick synopsis: I hated it.