Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Other People Who Have Doctorates (Commonplace Book)

In honor of my finishing my doctorate -- and having a super villain name in Doctor Klock -- here is a list of fictional characters that go by Doctor or Professor. The list is from comicbookdb.com. I would also add to the list Dr. Dre (yeah, I know he is not fictional, but still, I am putting him on the list), Doctor Who, Doctor Claw and Matt Fraction's Dokkktor Klockhammer (who makes his first, and probably last, appearance tomorrow). Also Alan Moore, when he was slumming with Rob Liefeld in the 90s gave us a very brief glimpse of an old superhero team Youngblood fought (or an older version of Youngblood fought) which included a character called Dr. Clock (who had a cape, and a clock for a head); this is, oddly, also the name of Heather Graham's character on Scrubs. I have put the standouts, just in terms of cool names, in italics.

Doc (DC)
Doc (Disney)
Doc (G.I. Joe) -
Doc Abstruse
Doc Cyber
Doc Danger (Danger Unlimited)
Doc Horror
Doc Oxford
Doc Samson -
Doc Savage -
Doc Seismic
Doc Strange (Tom Strange) -
Dockles, Herschel
Docteur Q
Doctor, The (14 characters with this name)
Doctor (60s movies), The -
Doctor (Wildstorm) (01), The
Doctor (Wildstorm) (02 - Jeroen Thornedike), The
Doctor (Wildstorm) (03 - Habib Ben Hassan), The
Doctor (Wildstorm) (03 - Renegade), The
Doctor 13, the Ghost-Breaker
Doctor Alchemy (01 - Albert Desmond) -
Doctor Allirog of Earth-S
Doctor Bedlam
Doctor Bong -
Doctor Brain
Doctor Brainard
Doctor Cobra
Doctor Cornelius
Doctor Crocodile
Doctor Cyber
Doctor Darrk -
Doctor Davis
Doctor Death (DC) -
Doctor Death (Marvel)
Doctor Decibel
Doctor Delphi
Doctor Demonicus -
Doctor Destiny
Doctor Diehard
Doctor Doog
Doctor Doom
Doctor Doomsday
Doctor Dorcas -
Doctor Double X
Doctor Druid -
Doctor Eclipse
Doctor Evil of Earth-1
Doctor Fate (01 - Kent Nelson) -
Doctor Fate (02 - Eric & Linda Strauss) -
Doctor Fate (03 - Inza Nelson)
Doctor Fate (04 - Hector Hall) -
Doctor Faustus
Doctor Gittelsohn
Doctor Glitternight
Doctor Gotham
Doctor Gym'll
Doctor Hastings
Doctor Hayward
Doctor Hibbert
Doctor Hypno
Doctor Impossible
Doctor Jace (DC)
Doctor Janus
Doctor Juris
Doctor Kilgore (Milestone)
Doctor Kocohm -
Doctor Leofrix
Doctor Light (01)
Doctor Light (02 - Jacob Finlay)
Doctor Light I (Arthur Light) -
Doctor Light II (Kimiyo Hoshi) -
Doctor Manhatthan -
Doctor Manx
Doctor Mayavale
Doctor Mid-Nite (01 - Charles McNider) -
Doctor Mid-Nite (02 - Pieter Anton Cross)
Doctor Midas
Doctor Midnight -
Doctor Mime
Doctor Minerva -
Doctor Mirage
Doctor Mist
Doctor Moon
Doctor Morlo
Doctor Nemesis
Doctor Nick
Doctor Nirvana
Doctor No
Doctor Occult (Earth-2) -
Doctor Occult (Post-Crisis)
Doctor Octopus (01 - Otto Octavius) -
Doctor Octopus (Ultimate)
Doctor Pangea
Doctor Phosphorous -
Doctor Poison (02)
Doctor Polaris -
Doctor Potsam
Doctor Psycho (post-Crisis) -
Doctor Regulus
Doctor Regulus (post-Zero Hour)
Doctor Riddle
Doctor Rigoro Mortis
Doctor Shrivel
Doctor Silk
Doctor Sivana of the post-Crisis Earth -
Doctor Solar
Doctor Sparta
Doctor Spectro
Doctor Spectrum (01 - Kinji Obatu)
Doctor Spectrum (02 - Joe Ledger)
Doctor Spectrum (03 - MAX)
Doctor Spectrum (04 - Martha Gomes)
Doctor Spectrum (05 - Alice Nugent)
Doctor Spectrum (Billy Roberts)
Doctor Spin
Doctor Stasheff
Doctor Strange
Doctor Strangefate
Doctor Sun -
Doctor Tambura -
Doctor Tolstoy
Doctor Tyme
Doctor Tzin-Tzin
Doctor U'bx
Doctor Venom
Doctor Verlag
Doctor Voodoo of Earth-S
Doctor X
Doctor Yamashita
Doctor Zodiac
Dr. Adele Burkhart -
Dr. Cassandra Knox -
Dr. Cyclops
Dr. Mindbender -
Dr. Rachel Steel
Dr. Reinstein
Dr. Rocket
Dr. Trap -
Dr. Venom -
Professor Appel (Crimson Guards) -
Professor Fallout
Professor Flutesnoot
Professor Fortune
Professor Frink
Professor Garbanzo -
Professor Harbinger
Professor Ivo
Professor Killgrave
Professor Kox
Professor Merlin
Professor Nutjob
Professor Power -
Professor Prometheus
Professor Radium
Professor Riggles
Professor Universe of Earth-S
Professor X
Professor Zodiak
Professor Zoom (01 - Reverse-Flash) -
Professor, The

I will also add to this list all the members of The Surgery, a throway team from Warren Ellis's Nextwave: Doctor Injectable, Doctor Nosexy, Doctor Meatball and Doctor Headless.

Now all I have to do is get knighted, like Sir Mix-A-Lot.


Jason Powell said...

Another one from when Alan Moore was writing the Liefeld characters, one we never saw but whose name was kind of neat: "Doctor Nocturne."

Oh! And in 1963, Moore's Fantastic Four pastiche, "Mystery, Inc.", made mention of (but, again, never showed) their Doctor Doom analogue: "Doc Apocalypse."

Congratulations on finishing your doctorate, Geoff!

Not Ultros said...

Congratulations on your Doctorate, Doc. That said, no Italics for Doctor No?! Really?

That character's monologue in the original Fleming text (he became a Doctor to make his father proud . . . and took the name 'No' so he'd never forget to hate him!!!!') is essential reading for all would-be supervillains.

Also, wherefore art Dr. Morbius, the Freudian mad scientist from FORBIDDEN PLANET?!!!

Darius Kazemi said...
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Darius Kazemi said...

Don't forget Dr. Octogon.

Geoff Klock said...

Oh, and Doctor Orpheus from the Venture Brothers. Sara LOVES the relationship between him and his teenage daughter on that show.

ATOM HOTEP said...

By far my favorite on that list is Professor Nutjob.

James said...

Who the hell is Doctor 13, the Ghost-Breaker? I am not sure he shouldn't have been in bold as well as italics.

ATOM HOTEP said...

Terry Thirteen, the Professional Skeptic! Great idea for an occult character.

Jason Powell said...

There's also Dr. House, as played by Hugh Laurie -- who in 2008 will appear in a film called "The Night Watchman."

He's on a reverse trajectory from you, Geoff!