Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Comics Out September 12, 2007

Matt Fraction and Fabio Moon's Casanova #9. There is no one left who does not know I am obsessed with this book. I am rapidly running out of superlatives.

A great new character, Kubark Benday is introduced, a character Fabio refers to as "Dragonball Wolverine" in the back-matter. Sasa Lisi gets some development -- her "I came from tomorrow to save you from boring" could be the tag line for all of Casanova. I am just falling in love with Fabio Moon -- his image of Sasa Lisi is crazy fun. And all those little details. I am not going to list them all but the last panel encapsulates the tone that makes this book my favorite.

A side note: Kubark Benday talks about the awesomeness of "Sifers Valomilk, the Original 'Flowing Center' Candy Cup." At the back of the book Fraction tells you where you can order these online, but if you don't want to wait, and you live in New York City (as a lot of readers here do) just go to 108 Rivington Street (zip 10002) -- the awesome purveyors of old school candy, Economy Candy, has a bunch, plus stuff like Candy Cigarettes (can you believe those were ever legal?).

Matt Fraction and Leandro Fernandez's Punisher War Journal #11. This issue was my favorite so far. I do not think it was the lack of Ariel Olivetti's art -- I wonder what this issue would have been like if he had drawn it. This is a character study, but rather than being a high concept gimmick, it reads like a real story, because it is: it is the epilogue to the Captain America costume story, it introduces a change in the G.W. Bridge story, and it introduces a new villain in a plot that is very creepy. Fraction knows how to find the tension in each of the three stories. Fraction even gives Iron Man a line about enjoying change that makes you see how he sees Civil War, in just a few words. A solid piece of craftsmanship.

Mike Mignola, Richard Corben, and P Craig Russell's Hellboy: The Troll Witch and Other Stories. I have not yet had a chance to read this, but I did not know there was more Mignola drawn Hellboy for me -- this story collects several Hellboy shorts from Dark Horse Anthology things. This is cool.

In a related story, MATT FRACTION AND KELLY SUE HAD A BABY! Congrats! I would use exclamation marks after ALL OF THESE SENTENCES! Baby!

At Newsarama, I tried to read some interviews about the next Hulk thing, and Marvel's Skrull thing, but I got bored.

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Ping33 said...

I'm loving Green Lantern's Sinestro War, it's everything I love about superhero comics without a hint of irony. It's just a kick-ass-slam-bang continuity filled Cosmic Super-hero Free-for-all.

DC got a lot of my money this week in a lot of stuff I have little faith in (Countdown: The Longest Title in the Universe: Wildstorm, JLA you don't give a fuck about the Wedding but this is really the new writer's first issue Special, and why does Jack of Fables HAVE to come out the same week as Fables?! 90% of the people who read those read 'em in trades, the only idiots who don't wait 6 months to save 1/2 the money and skip the ads are the ones who are in the shop every week so why can't we get a break and a bonus by having them come out every fortnight?) but the £2 I'm most annoyed with is the one I spent on a 2nd Thor as I accidentally grabbed it on my second pass across the rack. I hate that shit. I wonder how many of the extra sales for variant covers are idiots like me who are mindful of their short lunch breaks.

Mitch said...

I think this new Cassanova album is twice as great as the original. I'm really loving it.

Streebo said...

Congratz to Matt and Kelly Sue!

I didn't get to buy any books last week. I'm hoping to make the trip to the shop this week.

Hopefully it will be in time for Iron Fist or Black Summer. . .