Sunday, September 16, 2007

Comment Pull Quote (Jason Powell blurb)

From Jason Powell, a comment on "Grant Morrison's JLA Classified 3" (Thursday):

I promise not to sully or diminish my experience of your fine writing here by ever opening the actual work under consideration.

Awesome. I should print a version of this on my business card. I should write introductions to books, then ask people, in the introductions, not to read what comes next so as not to mess up their reading of my intros.

[I am having second thoughts about the Comment Pull Quote posts. I think they are too incestuous. I feel like I am going to grab the same few people every week. We will see.]


Kyle Hayes said...

I like the comment pull quote posts. I read all of your posts almost immediately after they're put up, when there aren't any comments. I read so many blogs that it would be hard to keep track of which I need to re-visit to see the comments, so the 'best-of' aspect of the pull quote posts really helps me out.

Jason Powell said...

"I feel like I am going to grab the same few people every week."

And this is a problem ... why, exactly? :)

Stephen said...

I like the comment pull quotes. I encourage you to keep 'em.


Geoff Klock said...

Ok. I will keep them. But I encourage more people to comment on posts so I will have more people to quote.

Marc Caputo said...

I think you should keep them. I'm making it a priority to be "quote-pulled" by Christmas.

Streebo said...

Yes! Keep the pull quotes. Your blog is like the best forum on the Net - with all the BS removed.

Not sure what pull quotes has to do with a BS-free blog. . .but it adds to the forum experience.

It could be a punishment for saying something stupid or a reward for saying something clever.

I plan on saying something stupid very soon.