Friday, January 18, 2008

Comics Out January 16, 2008

Angel 3. Illyria bursts out of a dragon's neck and I cannot help but notice two things -- the art was so muddy I thought she severed its head, and the dragon seems unharmed after losing chunks of bone. There is maybe an interesting twist at the end of the issue. Generally acceptable, but only if you are already a fan of Whedon and Angel.

Iron Fist. David Aja draws only nine pages here and guest artists cover bits of the real time story (not a flashback) for maybe the first time. The main story is still solid, and I was glad Aja got to draw the battle, and the Prince of Orphans is a really powerful character. The plane still flies. But with the art changes I cannot help but notice that the perfectly engineered weights are maybe a little off, and we see something a little out of balance here for the first time, a bit of rattling. Still the best monthly mainstream ongoing.

In Comics News nothing caught my attention. Review, discuss, recommend.


Ping33 said...

Read Booster Gold!

Marc Caputo said...

Booster Gold IS fantastic! I love this book so much. Johns shows off a really light and breezy style (now, how much is him and how much is co-writer Katz will be seen after Johns leaves. I suspect that the story will be longer on gags and less on history/continuity unless Jurgens jumps on as co-writer) and the art team is earnest and clean, which helps the sometimes time-travel stuff.

The Aja news disturbs me a bit: it's not that they've been sticking that monthly date for the last year. I e-mail Aja from time to time - just hope everything's cool and fine.

Marc Caputo said...

I meant "'s not LIKE they've been sticking..." and "sometimes CONFUSING..."


David Golding said...

I'm intrigued by the copy for #5... tell us more!

Also: final Grant Morrison collection of Doom Patrol came out, for those of us two young to have seen it the first time round, and too lazy to have collected it issue-by-issue subsequently.

Marc Caputo said...

David: this may help.

Also, those Doom Patrol's are excellent. I have all the singles, but since they're in storage I may have to take advantage of Amazon's great prices and do a marathon.

And fellow blogger Timothy Callahan wrote a great book on Morrison's early material, including DP. Check him out (

Matthew J. Brady said...

Fell #9 was pretty sweet, as was Umbrella Academy, Groo: Hell on Earth, and Jason's The Last Musketeer. Pretty good week, methinks.

Geoff Klock said...

Did Umbrella Academy come out this week? I did not see it at the story, but I thought it did and I ASKED -- they said it DID NOT. Did they lie?

Matthew J. Brady said...

Maybe they didn't get it, but I did. It was quite good, of course; there's an especially horrific moment (a couple, actually), and I can't wait to see how it wraps up.