Thursday, January 03, 2008

Our Weekly Format

The format around here has gotten very confused in the last few weeks. It started back when I wanted to switch out Free Form Comments for Comics Out posts. When the holidays hit I got the idea that Free Form Comments should come out on the day comics come out and that the Comics Out posts should go two days later -- New Year's and Christmas moved comics out day twice in two weeks, and I forgot about the commonplace book, and I had guest bloggers to post, and I did not want to post anything substantial, especially the work of guests, on a day when no one would be reading, like Christmas day, or New Years eve. Next Week I hope to resume our regular schedule of

Monday: Post
Tuesday: Commonplace Book
Wednesday: Free Form Comments
Thursday: Post
Friday: Comics Out
Saturday: Claremont's X-Men series
Sunday: Comment Pull Quote

with a guest blogger posts appearing on days when the other post is not too big, or when there is no other post. I do not want to post more than twice a day right now.

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