Wednesday, December 31, 2008

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scott91777 said...

First off, I'm totally loving Spaced. I'm savoring every episode since I know there are only 14 in all. I just finished series one. I am saddenned that that's all there is to this series.

Secondy, a follow up of our discussion on cursing, I just finished watching the 3rd season of Robot Chicken on DVD. I was, initially, pretty underwhelmed with this season. However, as some of you may know, the DVDs are uncensored and the cursing makes it all SO much funnier. In the famous 'gummi bear' sketch, rather than a series of long beeps we actually hear a gummi bear screaming "Fuckity Fuck Fuck"! Sure, it's crass but isn't the whole point of the series perverting beloved childhood playthings? In that case, the cursing really DOES make it better.

Also, this season features nudity in it's uncensored format: 'nudity' in a sketch that feature Negative Wonder Woman (she wears clothes wear Wonder Woman Doesn't, and doesn't where them where she does...) and actual real live nudity in a sketch featuring a very real playboy playmate.

Streebo said...

Scott - Congratz on discovering the joys of Spaced. Once you've finished it - you can do what the rest of us do and make do with their cinematic offerings such as Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz. If you find yourself going through major withdrawals = you can try to hunt down the Aslyum series (predating Spaced) which features both Pegg and Stevenson in minor roles.

I'm thinking of going to see The Spirit again. I wonder if I will view the film differently now that I know what to expect?

Happy New Year, all!

Streebo said...

For anyone that hasn't seen it yet - I wanted to recommend the Swedish vampire film Let The Right One In. It is already being hailed as one of the best films of 2008. I posted short reviews on my journal and on Youtube.

scott91777 said...

My 5 Favorite movies for 08 (granted, Frost/Nixon, Doubt and some other big ones, like the Wrestler, are not yet playing here... so I generally don't see the 'oscar season' stuff until the first of the new year.)

5. Wall*E
4. Iron Man
3. There Will Be Blood...
2. Indian Jones and The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
1. The Dark Knight (it gets better each time I watch it)

What did you guys like?

I think I have come to a realization about the Spirit; you know how there are all these seemingly random references to Egg? Well, I think Miller wrote the script in its entirety on Denny's placemats while eating breakfast... apparently the eggs weren't good that day.

This would explain so much... I'm actually kind of glad it's bombing. This just means that now he'll maybe get his ass in gear on All Star Batman... and that it will be on DVD in like a month...

Ultimate Matt said...

Did anybody watch the Bonus discs of Lost Season 4? Disc 5 isn't all that great, but Disc 6 has some really cool stuff on it.

sara d. reiss said...

I didn't much like 2008 but here's some things about it that I did like

Wall.E, Jill & Timmy moving to my neighborhood, geoff & my wedding day, Pushing Daisies having a second season, getting a Wii, getting a KitchenAid mixer, some of the artwork I made, driving a Ford Focus that had satellite radio, "discovering" the comedy stylings of Mike Birbiglia and some other stuff I can't remember that was probably good.

Happy New Year

Stefan Delatovic said...

The Wire season four, of which I am eight episodes in, is changing my life forever.

scott91777 said...


Do you and Geoff have Wii fit?

Evil, evil device...

Jason said...

My favorite film of 2008 = CLOVERFIELD

finsof72 said...

I tried to like Iron Man soooo much but just can't. I've seen it several, several times and just can't bring myself to like it the way everyone else does. I mean, it's okay, just not what I was expecting.

The Dark Knight was my favorite movie of 2008, but my number two won't be on most people's list: Forgetting Sarah Marshall. I have seen this movie a billion times and I LOVE it, I've never seen a movie truer to real life, EVER, and it was made even sweeter because it seemed to be ripped straight from something I went through last summer, dialogue and all. Even if it wasn't funny, which it is, it would still be a great movie with a great story and great characters. I took my ex girlfriend/'best' friend whatever to see it and she came out of the theater pissed off because she was basically watching herself up on screen with Jason Segal (me) sitting next to her.

Cloverfield pissed me off. I treated my 4 younger siblings to Cloverfield and spent $60+ to see it after popcorn and crap and walked out of the theater 70 freaking minutes later! I feel like Cloverfield was completely about style with absolutley no substance and was about as emotionally and visually satisfying as a show on the CW (aka WB).

IJKCS I felt could've been soooo good if it hadn't given in to CGI. A part of me really wanted Speilberg to use outdated effects, because while they may not have had the 'pop' of CGI, I feel like they looked real, and would've felt more like a nostalgic, true Indiana Jones movie. I didn't mind the plot about the aliens, I really didn't. What I didn't like were things like the duck car thing jumping over a cliff and onto a tree, or Mutt swinging through the jungle, or a crappy-looking alien making a woman explode. In fact, I think the whole movie can be epitomized by the scene where Mutt swings on the vines.

Honestly, I try not to think of IJKSK as a 'sequel' and more of a 'remake.' Still, it keeps me awake at night wondering what would've happened if they'd made it the way they should've, with effects that were real and not just CGI that stands out like Batman at a gay bar.

I'm not going to even get into The Dark Knight too much. Though I do wish Two-Face's role would've been reserved for a third and not have him killed off, I understand what Nolan was doing: wrapping things up. Nothing screams "I just want to make money" like making a movie with the sole intention of having a sequel to cash in on (...Pirates 2...).

James said...

Cloverfield, Iron Man, Dark Knight, No Country For Old Men, There Will Be Blood... Good movies this year! A la scott, the Oscar flicks are New Year flicks over here.

scott91777 said...


I wish I could put No Country and Juno on MY list this year... but I did, in fact, see them the day before New YEar's eve '07... both on the same day!

If I were to include them my list would be something more like:

7. Wall*E
6. Iron Man
5. There Will Be Blood...
4. Juno
3. Indy 4
2. The Dark Knight
1. No Country For Old Men


I still need to see Forgetting Sarah Marshall... especially since I've been disapointed by every comedy I have seen this year (with the exeception of the Will Ferrel movies... which were about what I expected)

Mikey said...

I always enjoy this and think people here will also appreciate: DJ Earworm's very good mash up of this year's Billboard Top 25.

There are some other great pieces on his site too.

Anonymous said...
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Geoff Klock said...