Sunday, November 05, 2006

Quick Housekeeping

A few random blog issues:

[I tried to post this Saturday but blogger went wonkey -- first the post would not take comments, then it vanished altogether. Here it is again].

1. I don't mind off-topic comments to the posts (actually I like them), but this post is an announced free-for-all: if there is something you want to say, something you want to complain about (there is an option to comment anonymously), something you think we should be talking about here, or something you think I should be blogging about, say it. It's your blog too, and we have a very smart people hanging out here.

2. If you are a lurker, become a commenter. I know many more people are reading than commenting, and I have quite a few people that send me emails about posts that would be better as comments. Like I said, we have very smart people here (quite a bit smarter than your average blog audience). And I have no problem, as I hope you have figured out, hearing from smart people who disagree with me.

3. If you have a website or a blog and you want to be added to the list on the right put the address in a comment to this post and I will link to it. Likewise, if you are keeping my blog a secret from people, let folks know it is here. The more people we have hanging out here the better it will be.


Anonymous said...

Okay okay okay! I get it, I'll post to the public at all times now :)

A random recommendation for anyone reading this blog, just so this comment has *some* content. If you're looking for something new, Death Note by Viz publishing is actually really good. I read very little managa, but had it recommended to me, and it is very entertaining murder/mystery writing.

That said, I appreciate the Nikki Cox post. :)

Tim from Myspace

Pat Moler said...

Well I'd like to hear your thoughts on the Marvel Ultimate comic books, and the DC All-stars comic books.


Anonymous said...

7 Soldiers
7 Soldiers
7 Soldiers

Anonymous said...

Thanks for linking to my blog, but it's missing a "y:"

Also, to let the community know, I'll soon be a reviewer for --primarily for fantasy, comics, GNs. Yaknow, if some random person's opinion of stuff matters to you. ;)

Geoff Klock said...

Tim: I actually thought the Nikki Cox post was one of my worst. I am glad you liked it.

Pat: I have an essay on line you can get to through my website links on Ultimate X-Men, and I have posted here about All Star Superman and All Star Batman.

Brad: Yeah I am going to say something soon. Seven Soldiers #1: A Rant About Storytelling failures may be in the pipeline. (Though, as a comic book it has so much going for it).

Starlett: I will fix that first chance I get.

trevor lunch, h.o.c. said...

Geoff: Just discovered your blog tonight and have been enjoying it. A friend of mine who grew up on comics--and since college has tried to keep me informed--recommended your "How to Read..." book a year ago and I had fun reading it, mostly because I like the application of Althusser and Lacan and all those folks to pop culture texts. I found your blog tonight because I was making reference to your book in a post on my blog on the show Heroes. (I'd be curious, by the way, to hear what you think about the show.) I, too, am a Lost junkie and have also been wrestling with Studio 60 lately. Check me out at and/or at

Geoff Klock said...

Trevor: I am glad you found me. Stick around.

I posted on Heroes the day it came out. I was not pleased. Thanks for the links. I will try to remember to add them but you might need to remind me.