Friday, January 05, 2007

Free Form Comments

Say anything you want here, including shameless self promotion, anonymous criticism, and random thoughts.

All I want to do is direct anyone who wants to read my reviews of All Star Superman and Civil War to the comments section of yesterday's posts.


pat moler said...


Anonymous said...

This is Pat it's screwing up again.


1) Is All star Superman only a 12 issue limited series, or is it ongoing.

2) Have you read Superman Birthright yet? If so what'd you think?

3) What's your thoughts on Eric Larsen's Savage Dragon?

4) What did you think of Malibu Comics' Prime?

5) Have you watched Patient J yet? If so, what're your thoughts on it. If not, just search Patient J on google video.

6)Who's that lil' girl in your profile pic? A niece?

7) How much can you Bench?


8) What was the deal with Superman ripping that Cellophane S off his chest and throwing it at the bad guy, at the end of Superman 2?


Also I want everyone to know with in the next 2 weeks I should be done with the first issue of my web comic(Co-created with Ben Ragan) I'll post a link on here when it's complete.

It's a simple dialogue oriented work using filtered photography in place of traditional Animation.

That was a long post.

Stephen said...

Geoff --

I haven't seen Kill Bill yet (*hangs head in genre-geek shame*), but there's a post on it here that seems interesting. Don't know if it really is interesting, since I don't know the source material, but I thought that given your class and all you might want to read it.

Okay, going to go update my netflix queue now.

Geoff Klock said...

Pat: 12, haven't got it yet, don't know that much about it (what I have read has been throwaway fun that is not afraid of major change) but Brad is a HUGE fan, don't know about it, not yet but I promise I will this weekend, my niece, I have no idea since I don't work out with weights, and yeah that is a very lame effect.

Stephen: ACK! GO SEE KILL BILL! Thanks for the link but it's not great -- it points out that the plot of the film is not really new, but it's not supposed to be. Anyone who finds stuff should tell me about it -- the more stuff the better.

Anonymous said...

Pat Moler

Yeah those last 2 were jokes.

I feel Savage Dragon is the most innovative superhero concept of the last 20 years. Plus it's in real time. That's a definate plus.

I've always felt Prime was a highly underated comic book. Probably the most buetifully comic book I've ever seen, Next to Astro City.

What do you think about Astro City BTW?

Hey I'm going to head to the bookstore tonight. I'll see if I can find your first book.

Geoff Klock said...

Pat: Astro City is sweet but lost in nostalgia land. In my book I accused it of ignoring comic book history, wishing the "Dark Age" of superheroes (started by Miller and Moore) never happened. After the book was published an interviewer told Busiek what I said about Astro City ignoring comic book's "Dark Age." Then Busiek came out with a two volume Astro City: The Dark Age. Coincidence? I think not.

Matt Brady said...

Self promotion dept.:

I have my year-end roundup of my favorite comics and movies up on my blog:


Anonymous said...

Self-Promotion time:

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Anonymous said...

Pat Moler

I just got back from the book store. They didn't have your book in stock and their distributer no longer had it. On the plus side, I got New Warriors: Reality Check for half price.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and as for Astro City ignoring the Dark age. Well Isn't that the basic intent of your favorite book right now, All-Star Superman? It's basically warping back in time acting like pre-Crisis Superman still existed. It's a good book, but still lives in Nostaligia

I'm mean no comic is perfect, and Astro City's intent is can i put it. Show comic book heroes in there truest forms. Which means the absent of the gritt brought on by the Dark Age.

At least that's how I see it.

Madd_Hadder said...

As much as I have tried to like it I can't see why people love Kill Bill. With the exception of 2 fight scenes and the one monologue at the end, I couldn't find entertainment anywhere. I was really let down by Tarentino. Luckily, it seems with his section of Grindhouse, he is making up for it in spades!

Mitch said...

Anonymous: I disagree about All Star ignoring the Dark Age. Plently of elements from the 80's and 90's are in there. What makes the series great is that it's reimagining those silly Dark Age concepts as even sillier (and more wonderful) Silver Age concepts. (i.e. Jimmy Olsen Doomsday) And don't forget that the inciting incident for the whole series is that Superman is dying. Everything he's done has to be looked at through that lense.

Also, I finally saw The Good German last night and I was a little let down. It's funny, because it does the same thing as All Star. It implants a modern "R-Rating" on the typical Post World War 2 film. It was definitely interesting, but not as good as it was interesting.