Tuesday, January 16, 2007

From Robert McKee's Story (Commonplace Book)

Ask What's my favorite genre? Then write in the genre you love. For although the passion for an idea or experience may wither, the love of the movies is forever. Genre should be a constant source of re-inspiration. Every time you reread your script, it should excite you, for this is your kind of story, the kind of film you'd stand in line in the rain to see. Do not write something because intellectual friends think it's socially important. Do no write something you think will inspire critical praise in Film Quarterly. Be honest in your choice of genre, for all the reasons for wanting to write, the one one that nurtures us through time is love of the work itself.


mitch said...

Great book.

I'd love to see him give the lecture sometime. All I can imagine is Bryan Cox from Adaptation.

brad said...

It's one of those books that you can literally open up to any page and read something inspiring.

Jason Powell said...

Very cool. I just got this book last Christmas.