Tuesday, January 23, 2007

From Bruno Schulz's Street of Crocodiles (Commonplace Book)

Who knows how many suffering, crippled, fragmentary forms of life there are, such as the artificially created life of chests and tables quickly nailed together, crucified timbers, silent martyrs to cruel human inventiveness. The terrible transplantation of incompatible and hostile races of wood, their merging into one misbegotten personality. How much ancient suffering is there in the varnished grain, in the veins and knots of our old familiar wardrobes? Who would recognize in them the old features, smiles, and glances, almost polished out of recognition.

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Roger Whitson said...

oh I love this! I need to read this novel because one of the biggest disappointments of my life was not seeing that when it was playing in London in 1999.