Sunday, July 08, 2007

Food Ideas

[In my very first post on this blog I promised not to talk about what I eat; I lied. I was worred this was too dumb to post, but Sara said "That is what blogs are about." I am trying to be better than that, but one day will not kill me, and I decided to do sillier things on Sunday.]

Every day I drink a few bottles of water, a bottle of chocolate milk, an orange juice, and a V8, and those energy bars. If I do not time to get a sandwich with some kind of meat I grab beef jerky from the health food store. Sara cooks awesome meals for us. When I am on my own I rely on a few standards.

1) All kinds of variations on scrambled eggs (with mozzarella and Thai peppers, with bits of bread in the batter so they are like bits of french toast, with vegetables).

2) Grilled cheese sandwiches and, and grilled peanut butter sandwiches with bananas and honey.

3) Frozen vegetables cooked in spicy sauce and served over white rice.

4) Brie cheese, apple slices, and salt on broken matzoh Also sliced tomatoes, cheddar cheese, and avocados on broken matzoh with salt.

5) Nachos, with jalapenos, cheese, re-fried beans and whatever else is around.

6) Baked potatoes with everything on it, and baked sweet potatoes with brown sugar, butter, maple syrup, and Bacos.

I am looking for more very easy to make tasty recipes for one. Recommend.


Pat Moler said...

hmmm....I'm guessing a guy your size must not eat a whole lot. What's your daily intake? about 1500-2000 calories a day?

Marc Caputo said...

Geoff and Sara: If you already don't, get a subscription to Cuisine magazine (the title makes it sound foo-foo (sic) - but it isn't.) They do great recipes that are easy to follow and always come out fantastic.

neilshyminsky said...

Note on the V8 - its sodium content is unusually high, and all my health-nut friends have forsaken it.

Voice Of The Eagle said...

Sin City Breakfast Tacos.


2 cups flour
1/2-teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon baking powder
1/4 cup butter (or lard)

Crumble together until coarse (like corn meal)

Add 3/4 cup warm water, mix until sticky, remove sticky clumps, add more water to bowl, repeat until all dough is sticky and combined into a big mound.

Kneed sticky dough in hands or in mixer for 2 minutes, until smooth and elastic
Break dough up into 8-10 golf ball sized balls
Dampen cloth with warm water and let cloth sit on dough for 20 minutes

Pre-heat pan medium-high
Flatten dough into discs, roll flat, place on heat, cook 8 seconds then flip, then cook 1-1 1/2 minutes until bubbles form, flip and press edges, move to tortilla warmer.

Anonymous said...

best site out there, everything can be scaled down, and they have thousands of recipes of all kinds.

Starrlett said...

maybe not exactly what you're looking for, but worth a shot: