Saturday, July 07, 2007

Satacracy 88.9.3

The third part of the ninth episode of Brad Winderbaum's Satacracy 88 is up today. This episode, like a handful of past episodes, invokes Tarantino again, for solid effect. It strikes me that this kind of invocation is crucial in a format this short -- like mythology, something else Brad uses a lot, allusion is a good way to squeeze the most out of small resources. Small things can make your world seem huge. As with all the third parts, you get to vote on something when it is over. Go check it out. It is getting lots of attention.


brad said...

Streebo! I want to answer your last post from 9.2 here in 9.3.

"I love how the series plays like an almost Lynchian fever dream"

Diahnna and I watched the first two seasons of Alias and every one of Lynch's films before we began writing.

"Classic symbols of elixirs and glowing eyes abound to keep one ever unsure if these events are really happening or if they are all part of some delusion."

88 is trapped in bubbles within larger bubbles. She began with the identity of Angela, broke free of that and learned she was 88. Now she may break free of that persona as well. Also, as we saw in episode 6, her life may be a delusion. She is also a fictional character, which would be the ultimate bubble she may have to pop.

"stays with Martin as he chokes and twitches with a gaping bloody wound in his neck. A smooth reggae song plays over the scene"

This is one of my favorite scenes in the series to date.

"In this one episode we see two completely different approaches to the same effect"

Part of the fun is the opportunity to experiment. It's one of the perks of floating your own bill.

"I look forward to seeing it play out. Keep up the good work!"

Thanks for keeping our batteries charged, Streebo!

Streebo said...

Thank you for the kind response, Brad. I am very much looking forward to the new episodes and I know as soon as this series is available in DVD format that I will pick it up without hesitation.