Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Maybe the epigraph from Chip Kidd's Batman photograph book (Commonplace Book)

[I do not know where I read this, but I did, and I am trying to post every day: here is the commonplace book entry for this week. It may not be an exact quote. But it is July 4th, and I am busy.]

Superman is the American Dream. Batman is the American Truth.


Anonymous said...

Wow I never thought of it like that.

-Pat Moler

Marc Caputo said...

Hope you had a good 4th. Great quote, whoever came up with it.

Coming fast and furious with the posts - gotta get to the movies this week to start catching up!

Dante Kleinberg said...

Good example

Reminds me of last night

American dream:

Last night thousands of us packed into a tiny park to watch fireworks in Woodland Hills, CA. They were awesome and we had a blast.

American truth:

When I drove by the park this morning it was TRASHED. Littering in a public park while celebrating how much you love your country? Really?

Bryan Edward Hill said...

I just saw this, Geoff. Thanks for remembering my little statement on Batman and the American diaspora.

Hope all is well with you.

- BHll