Sunday, December 23, 2007

Site Update

I have added a few more links to the tool bar on the right, including a link to THE BEAT (how did I forget that?). I have moved my Will and Grace post to the Best of the Blog because I think the point is surprising enough to justify it being there. I have also added our conversation that started with the Dark Knight Trailer because, well, it got to 51 posts.

Site traffic usually goes down during the holidays. I am still going to post regularly through New Years, but it is likely to be more unsubstantial stuff, links and stray observations, and questions and whatnot. Don't expect a 3000 word essay on the Black Dossier.

If you ever wanted to see anything on the blog template change, now is the time to say it, because I now have time to work on it -- broken links, you want to be on the blog-roll, you think a conversation that got lost should be in the conversation links, you think I should be wearing a suit in that photo, whatever.


Mitch said...

Happy Holidays, all!

Anonymous said...

doctor klock,

thanks for teaching english 101

That final was fucking hard!!!

non verbal zombie student