Tuesday, February 26, 2008

All Three Family Guy Chicken Fights (Commonplace Book)

Family Guy is a show that I always think I do not like, but whenever it is on it gets me to laugh out loud a couple of times. But these three sequences, from different episodes, are a running gag that is brilliant in its total commitment to its object of parody: Hollywood goes to ABSURD lengths to provide variations in setting for two guys beating the hell out of each other, settings that are then used as part of the fight itself; why they are fighting could not matter less. The show has now spent the total of HALF of a full episode on this one gag.

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hcduvall said...

I'll watch it when it's on when I'm sitting down, though its more than occasional mean-spiritedness often makes me stop. American Dad seems to have worked passed that.

Specifically about the clip, I do hate most pop culture references though. I don't mean homages, or jokes, or the like, I mean when the show stops so someone can mention a 15-year-old commercial. That said, They Live is awesome.