Friday, February 08, 2008

Comics Out February 6, 2008

Buffy 11. The ever-uneven Buffy comics run is nearly at issue 12, surprisingly, and this is one is a good issue. This series is around 50-50. We learn the identity of the person who kissed Buffy and woke her up, we get that heartfelt conversation in the middle of a fight that Buffy does so well -- and the flip conversation gets serious quickly and once again I have to ask myself why I am such a sucker for this device. It gets me every time. Finally we get a pretty good confrontation with the big bad that includes a really funny joke about his unmasking - one of those classic Buffy moments that makes you wonder why no one ever did that before.

Newsarama has an interview with Fraction about Thor that has some really funny bits.

Review, recommend, and discuss this week's comics and comics news. My review of the glorious new LOST episode will be up tomorrow.


Streebo said...

This is a fantastic documentary. highly recommended. I love the part where Jonathan Ross makes Stan Lee admit that he really doesn't want to share creative credit with anyone.

Streebo said...

Oops. That was meant for the Searching For Steve Ditko comments section.

I wanted to mention that there was a homage to LOST in the latest Captain America issue. There is a news scrawl playing on television that mentions "Dr.Jack Shephard. The "Lost"...are found."

Matthew J. Brady said...

There's been some news here and there about Marvel doing some "product placement" for Lost in the form of references to the show within the comics themselves. Sounds like that's one of the first examples.

Voice Of The Eagle said...

Even though "A Beautiful Sunset" more or less confirmed every thing I thought about Buffy and her life NEVER getting any better...

It was still a pretty great issue.

I really, really, really, hate Joss Whedon.

Mikey said...


Charles Hatfield and Craig Fischer (whose work I don't know) are blogging. They recently did a two part discussion about Iron Fist, which, as your favourite on going monthly, you might find interesting.

The first part (with Hatfield's response coming in a second follow up post):