Friday, March 20, 2009

The Final Scene of the Sopranos (Commonplace Book)

Thinking about endings tonight, having just seen the end of BSG (which I will post on over the weekend). Here is the last scene of the Sopranos, on of the most controversial things ever aired:

Say what you want about it, but I think it is surely the only ending: audacious, shocking, gut-wrenching, insane and understated all at the same time. A lot of people felt like it was a metaphor for Tony getting whacked by the guy who goes to the bathroom (to get the gun like in the first Godfather). But to me, that is neither here nor there. It is a vision of the show getting whacked. Brad pointed out to me that it is like when a friend dies -- all you want is just one more moment with them, anything. But it has to end.


Gordon Harries said...

Well, the song certainly speaks to your reading (I've only seen the first season of 'The Sopranos')

and there's a line in the very first episode 'No one has time for the penal experiance anymore' that speaks to the 'He's going to testify' line. Like the finale of The Wire, everything comes back around.

Sonia said...
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