Friday, March 20, 2009

Interview at Sci-Fi Pulse

Nicholas Yanes over at Sci-Fi pulse interviewed me this week. I discussed some things about How to Read Superhero Comics and Why I do not think I have said anywhere else.


James said...

"I fear 'graphic novel' sounds a little pretentious, like someone off to the 'cinema.'"
Heyyyy! I can't help it - that's just what we call it here!

Seriously: good interview. Re: The Superhero Book's recognition etc., I've been meaning to ask; how did that Joe Casey quote come about?

Anagramsci said...

very interesting and candid piece there Geoff!

I disagree profoundly with the book (both in terms of which creators deserve the most attention and on the question of which of the genre's most basic themes deserves emphasis), and yet, I have read it several times, wrote about it often during the formative months of my blog, and consider it by far the most interesting work of superhero crit ever published.

it should most definitely be on EVERY researcher's bibliography.


Timothy Callahan said...

I certainly read the heck out of your book when I, too, was much younger.

And like you, I find my younger self to be smarter than my older self.

Christian said...

I can't fucking comprehend that you were younger than me, when you wrote that.

Scene -- said...

Good interview. I especially enjoyed the self-comparison/contrast to Wolk and Rushkoff.