Monday, January 11, 2010

Monsters with Sandwiches

My wife Sara has started a new tumblr thing called Monsters with Sandwiches.

what’s this? a new monster?I can PROVE I didn’t eat that sammich! …uh-oh…

(What is Tumblr? It is like a attempt to rebrand blogging as a thing for hipsters rather than nerds? Cause that's what it looks like).

This started because Sara was reading the New Yorker and I was bored and reading over her shoulder and noticed the little cartoons that dot the essays -- not the cartoons with punchlines, but little cartoons, often connected to each other, that just provide some visual break-up on a page filled with words. I asked her what she would draw there, given the chance, and she said "Monsters." I said "What are the monsters doing?" And she said "eating sandwiches." So I gave her a stack of 3 x 5 notecards, and a black pen and made her draw bunches of them. We put them in frames and gave them to everyone for the holidays, and now they have their own website.

I am going to put them here occasionally. If you want some for your blog in whatever form -- doodles in your essays, links, profile pictures, grab Sara through the comments on the Tumblr thing.


Anonymous said...
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Mutantville Productions said...

This is awesome!