Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Brad Winderbaum's Satacracy 88 Episode 8 Part 2

The second part of episode 8 of Satacracy 88 is up at, and they just won a people's choice Webby award, which is quite cool.

With the episode we are firmly back in Quentin Tarantino territory, as the warrior women gear up for their uber-battle as we learn about their past in a series of flashbacks (both aspects of Kill Bill), and a guy is shot in the back-seat of the car (which happens in both Resivoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction). The victim? Director Brad Winderbaum. Tarantino 's Resivoir Dogs character dies, as does his character in From Dusk Till Dawn which he wrote (that film was directed by his friend Robert Rodriguez); in Rodriguez films Tarantino plays characters who get killed in Desperado and Planet Terror. All of those Tarantino deaths involve getting shot, if I remember correctly (though the guns are useless in the vampire movie and the zombie movie).

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