Thursday, May 10, 2007

Grant Morrison's New X-Men 144

[This post is part of a series of posts looking at Grant Morrison's New X-Men run issue by issue. For more posts on the same subject, click the New X-Men label below. For more on issues 142-145, click on the link in the issue 142 post and read part 6 of my online essay for Reconstruction.]

Just a few very quick notes.

Frozen time within the fortress of the World is shown with washed out color, which is nice. When time starts up again characters cough up blood, which is the right detail for seeing something so unnatural.

Morrison has them confront a gigantic shambling security robot that Fantomex describes as what happens when you put a whale's brain under the hood of a truck, which is a great bit of surrealism.

Weapon 15 talks like a poet-philosopher, and I think it is pretty well written. In the hands of a lesser writer this kind of monologuing can become quickly cringe-worthy.

I keep talking about this, but Bachalo's layouts are just fantastic: the talk down an uninterrupted spiral staircase, the white background Wolverine-Weapon 15 fight, the twelve grid Cyclops Weapon 15 fight (in which Cyclops says it is like Weapon 15 is running a program -- hence the symmetry of the panels), the tall panels for flying, the two page spread to communicate the freedom of no more walls, the circular panel for the space station (like looking through a telescope).

I know these are brief, but I did say most of what I had to say about these issues in the online essay.

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