Thursday, May 10, 2007

Comics Out May 9, 2007

I got three issues today.

Ed Brubaker, Matt Fraction, and David Aja's The Immortal Iron Fist #5. This series just gets better and better. As Fraction put it in his Comic Geek Speak interview a while back, "Kung-Fu billionaire. How is this concept not on issue 600 by now?" [That's a paraphrase]. The story is rich, and new levels open up with every issue -- here the cosmic. Aja is equally brilliant with action sequences and setting the panels for maximum comic timing. These guys are lucky to have someone who does both wonderfully.

Matt Fraction and Ariel Olivetti's Punisher War Journal #7. This book is growing on me, a lot. Hate-Monger was what was needed from the beginning -- he really encapsulates why we need a a Punisher book set in the Marvel Universe. I want to watch Frank Castle shoot this guy in the face. Not want, need.

Robert Kirkman and Sean Phillips's Marvel Zombies: Dead Days One Shot. Fine. This book is fine. But it is just a cash in on a popular book, an unnecessary prequal. Only get it if you wish Marvel Zombies had more pages of superheroes getting eaten.

In the news:

Newsarama has an "Exit Interview" with Grant Morrison about 52. It ends with these words:

NRAMA: Finally Grant, could you ever see yourself doing something like this again?

GM: No. It's a bit like having sex with a jellyfish: once might an interesting experiment, twice would be perversion!

Not my favorite joke, but it is really there only to soften the initial one word answer. Nuff said, I think.


Marc Caputo said...

Where is everybody this week? I actually got my books on Wed., actually read some of them and no one shows?

Here's what I read:

Marvel Zombies: no idea why I bought this, since the mini left me flat. It was a great buildup, but I'm a little tired of the Eternal Onramp - I'm not asking for a happy ending, but I want an ending, period. They could have left it open instead of shilling for a sequel. And Phillips' art, while fine in other places, like Hellblazer and Criminal (everyone should read Brubaker!), is just amateurish. Yes, horror books shouldn't be pretty, but his Zombie stuff doesn't leave me grossed out or scared like Bissette and Totleben in Swamp Thing (Moore's) or Hester and Parks, later on when Millar took over.

New Avengers 30: Great issue, great book. Bendis, who can rarely do wrong in my eyes (I would have said, never, but then Mighty Avengers 2 came out - bad.), is finally getting the team out of the event doldrums and into something interactive.

Oh, and by the way...
FIRST POST!! (Cause everyone loves a Newsarama geek.)

Matt Brady said...

I generally like Sean Phillips, but his Marvel Zombies stuff leaves me cold. I don't like the way he draws zombie mouths; it seems like as soon as any character gets zombified, their lips get torn off and their teeth become pointy. I like his work on Sleeper and Criminal though.

Matt Brady said...

As for this week's comics: I loved Iron Fist, Jack of Fables was fun, DMZ was excellent, Spider-Man/Fantastic Four was pretty good, and Chronicles of Wormwood made me laugh. I still need to read Rex Libris, but I'm betting that I'll like it.

Geoff Klock said...

Marc: I know -- I had to check to see if I had accidentally disabled posts. People that went to the comic book store are awefully quiet.

I agree with you and Matt about MZ: The graphic novel was cute and fun, but I don't need much more.