Friday, May 11, 2007

Free Form Comments

Random thoughts, ideas, suggestions, questions go here -- and don't forget you can talk to other commenters, not just me. Also introduce yourself if you have not commented before, request to be added to the blog-roll, and shamelessly self promote anything going on with you. Heck, a while ago we heard about an engagement -- feel free to update us on your life in general.

On my end I want more people here. If you know folks that are not reading this thing, get them involved.


Voice Of The Eagle said...

Geoff, I trust you are familar with Bloom's Genius, where he takes a hundred writers and charts on the levels of the Seferoth?

Well, I got to thinking and thus I present to all-The Kabbalah of Comics.

Keter (Crown Level).

Lustre 1: Neil Gaiman, Frank Miller, Alan Moore, Grant Morrison.

Lustre 2: Carl Barks, Will Eisner, Jack Kirby, Osamu Tezuka.

Why? Umm...look shiny thing!

neilshyminsky said...

I once plugged my blog (which is concerned mostly with comics and film, though tv and music appear too) when i had just started it, and then I got into the habit of updating it only infrequently. So i'd like to invite people to revisit it (for the first time) and stay a while. My most recent post is on Spidey 3, which seems to always be good for starting arguments.

Matt Brady said...

Here's my blog-plug: I reviewed Rocketo volume 2 (which was awesome), some Free Comic Book Day books, the Paul Jenkins/Jae Lee Sentry book from a few years ago (which sucked), and the most recent issue of Shojo Beat. I'll probably have reviews of this week's comics up tonight or tomorrow.

Brad said...

The battle between Satacracy 88 and Susan is up at
There is much ass kicking to be enjoyed.

Jason Powell said...

"Why all three Spider-Man movies suck"
essay by me, posted here:

Coligo said...

Just a thought about your next issue-by-issue Geoff, maybe you could do Whedon's 'Astonishing X-men' (if you're not X'd out) or even an episode-by-episode look at a season of something like 'The West Wing' or 'Sportsnight'. Sorry if someone has already suggested these things and I'm repeating.

The other thing that my recently unemployed idylling has had me thinking about is movie props, and the owning of them. For example, owning a pair of Ruby Quartz sunglasses or some swimming goggles that look like Riddicks, or even a blue furred cat named Hank. Does anybody out there own any cool movie inspired item?

neilshyminsky said...

coligo: During the promotion of the first X-Men movie, Oakley did a limited number of 'ruby quartz' replica sunglasses (something like a thousand). They were ridiculously expensive (hundreds of dollars or more, as I recall) but ridiculously popular as well, so they might have made a cheaper version.

(A spoiled-brat acquaintance of mine managed to convince his parents to but him a pair, and they had to go out of the country to find them. They were possibly the most awesome pair of sunglasses I had ever seen, though.)

Geoff Klock said...

VOE: the 10 kabbalah spheres have a dark side -- bloom would consider the dark side of high lit to be pop. You should totally write that counter book.

Neil, Matt, Brad, Jason: thanks

Coligo: I had considered AXM, and I had also thought of LOST which I am just nuts about.

Neil: dammit now I want those