Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Free Form Comments

Say whatever you want to in the comments to this post -- random, off topic thoughts, ideas, suggestions, questions, recommendations, criticisms (which can be anonymous), surveys, introductions if you have never commented before, personal news, self-promotion, requests to be added to the blog roll and so on. If a week goes by and I have failed to add you to the blog roll TELL ME TO DO IT AGAIN, and KEEP TELLING ME UNTIL IT GETS DONE. I can be lazy about updating the non-post parts of this site. Remember these comments can be directed at all the readers, not just me.

ALSO. You can use this space to re-ask me questions you asked me before that I failed to answer because I was too busy (but now might not be). That is often the reason I fail to get back to people, and on a blog, after a few days, the comments thread dies and I just kind of forget about it. Let's use this space to fix that, because it does need to be fixed; I look like a jackass sometimes, leaving people hanging. I will TRY to respond to any questions here.

AND you can use this space to comment on posts that are old enough that no one is reading the comments threads anymore. For example, if you thought of a great quote for the great quote commonplace book, but now no one is reading that, you could put it here.You do not have to have a blogger account or gmail account to post a comment -- you can write a comment, write your name at the bottom of your comment like an e mail, and then post using the "anonymous" option.

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Streebo said...

Gary Groth once said that most superhero comics are "oafish slam-bang physicality that resist subtlety and nuance as well as the ability to communicate any genuine connection to human life."

Does anyone have any thoughts on this?

Geoff Klock said...

Formulas like Groth's are always true and useless. Try plugging anything into this:

"Most X resist subtlety and nuance as well as the ability to communicate any genuine connection to human life."

Music? Art? Literary Criticism? Poetry? Fashion? Journalism? Political speeches? conversations with people? It all fits because the word "most" deadens it so completely. Try getting rid of the word "most" in the formula and see if you can't think of an exception.

James said...

"conversations with people?" - devastating, but so true.

Here's something that sucks: I just charged down to the comic shop on my lunch break, eager to find out whether I was right about who's a Skrull (yeah), only there was a Bank Holiday this week so comics are out tomorrow. Curse you, Diamond!

Stefan Delatovic said...

Garfield Minus Garfield:

With Garfield removed, this site reproduces comic strips that become devestatingly funny looks at a man's struggle with loneliness, depression and mental illness.

It's my current obsession.

Marc Caputo said...

Gary Groth is one of the great elitist snobs of comicdom. I've had 25 years of reading this guy. I'm sure he means well, but he expects that people completely abandon their love of genre (i.e. superhero comics). I mean, it's all well and good to like Love and Rockets and Blankets and James Kochalka, but you can't get 8 year olds into that (without getting in trouble, that is) and I'm sorry, but if you want to get into comics, you're probably going to start with capes.

And yes, there's a lot of BAD superhero comics. But there's a lot of BAD alternative, BAD independent comics, too.

Just had to get that off my chest.

sara d. reiss said...

The Brooklyn College MFA program is having a Spring Open Studios Exhibition - which I helped to organize.

The dates and times are: Friday, April 11th, 6pm-10pm and Saturday, April 12th, 3pm - 8pm.

Come for the free booze, stay for the free art.