Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Snake-Eyes from the Upcoming G.I. Joe Movie


Surely the new G.I. Joe movie will be awfully written slapdash nostalgia cash in like Transformers. But something about this image has my attention. Is it because, in the mid-80s, I was programed to think it looks cool? Or is it actually kind a not half bad costume design and execution? Certainly the total lack of human features helps here -- there is less of a disconnect comparing the cartoon source to the live-action update. Opinions.


David Golding said...

1. Ninjas are cool.

2. That is all.

David Golding said...

You're right about the lack of human features. So the real questions are, can they keep the mask on dammit, and what will the more human and more gaudy characters look like?

James said...

The fake muscles are weird, but not necessarily bad-weird (unlike the Watchmen rubber muscles). What's really great, and has been noted by many, is that he is a ninja with a sword AND a gun. No silencer or nothin'.

It is simultaneously amusing and sad that Ray Park has landed yet another role where he will get to do somersaults and kicks but not speak or show his face. I would never have said this were it not for Matt Fraction, but thank god he never got to play Iron Fist.

scott91777 said...

The picture is cool because it looks just like an action figure.

On a related note... Ray Park just cast as Iron Fist!


Streebo said...

That picture hits the "ninjas are inherently cool" button. Repeatedly.

Note the prominent display of the figures from the I Ching on his arm. G.I.Joe writer Larry Hama developed the ninja mythology behind the series and used these I Ching signs to denote members of the ninja clan.

Dunno what those particular signs mean - but it screams "cool."

Streebo said...

I just realized that when you're twelve years old you don't worry too much about why a Japanese assassin cult uses a set of Chinese hexgrams for a symbol.

It's just another reason why - if I can borrow a phrase from Sarah Silverman - "ninjas are magic!"