Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Lions Reunited (Commonplace Book)

I do not plan to make this a trend, but today I am make a rare -- unprecedented? -- break from appreciations of poetry and popular culture. This clip was just too good, and I wanted to put it up.

So these two guys raised a lion cub and then had to release him. This is their reunion a year later, and they were told that the lion would not remember them.


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Jason said...


Geoff, you're just a big ol' softie.

Streebo said...

This video makes me run and hug my cat every time I watch it.

scott91777 said...

What's really funny is that, it's my understanding, that most house cats are rarely overjoyed upon being reunited with their owners and, generally, tend to react more by being pissy for a couple of days. Therefore, Lions make better pets than housecats.