Saturday, July 12, 2008

LOST (and Primer): Completely Explained (Maybe)

I have not really had any time to digest these links, given to me over dinner last night by Jason Reich, but here they are. At a glance they seem really, really interesting -- and you have to admire the work that went into them. I complained this week about the Pluto debate, and this kind of thing might be exactly as silly, but I am kind of fine with the occasional arbitrary double standard. I contain freakin multitudes. But seriously: this might be what LOST is all about.

The Timeloop theory of LOST.

What was going on in Primer.


neilshyminsky said...

I guess that the Lost theory holds together decently enough but I'd be incredibly disappointed if the island's functioning was needlessly complex and yet the show's meaning was so totally banal. I'd prefer that the Others were immortal faeries to this time-travellers-that-don't-age-until-they -reach-the-year-which-they-traveled schtick.

Marc Caputo said...

I'm trying to get my non-drama-watching brother into LOST; if he sees this, there'll be no hope of that.

I like the theory well enough myself, but hope that IF it's even remotely what they've got in mind that they can sell it.

Primer's on IFC this week a few times; every 3 months, it parks for a week on the channel. That timeline just scared me off.

Paul said...

I'm wondering how this theme of child abandonment comes into play. A great many character either lost their mother at an early age (Walt, Locke, Ben, Sawyer, Aaron) or have some form of separation from or tension with their father (Claire, Kate, Jack, Locke, Sun). Parenting skills in the world of Lost are lacking.

Wouldn't it be crazy if Ben was actually Aaron all grown up and the origin we were given was a what he was told as a child? I seriously doubt it, but this show is great for generating wild theories.

While complex, the time loop theory is one of the better ones I've seen.

hreeves said...

My only question about the lost theory is if the others looped time in the 108 minute cycle, why was there a Dharma video explaining the whole resetting procedure?