Thursday, July 24, 2008



Spaced -- the British sitcom from the director and actors that made Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz -- is now available in the US. You should get it.
Here is a clip.


James said...

I love Spaced. It is probably my favourite television show of all time.

Not to be all "their first album was better", but I think the lack of Jessica Stevenson really shows in the movie follow-ups, and hurts them a lot.

Geoff Klock said...

Agreed. She provides a much needed female voice. She is so funny looking too -- alternatively adorable and strange.

Kenney said...

Even though Jess played a bit part in Shaun of the Dead, she wasn't really "in" that movie, and I think it was stellar. Hot Fuzz on the other hand, was just ok, but that's more because Simon wasn't actually being funny, which is kind of his whole deal.

SPACED definitely is the best thing they've all done though. There are so many great moments in that show. I've left it on repeat for days in my dvd player as background noise.

Christian said...

I love Spaced so much. It's a bit of a agebreaker, as even my mom loves it to bits. Even if she didn't get half the pop culture references. And it did get heavy in that manner, but still retained a soul of its own.

Let me put it another way: What other TV show has a Homage-o-meter as an extra on the DVD?

James said...

Kenney: Thing is, she and Simon Pegg co-wrote Spaced, whereas the films are co-written by Pegg and Edgar Wright. The movies a fun, but lack the warmth and humility of Spaced.

Actually, I think you can probably put Edgar Wright alongside Michel Gondry and Guillermo Del Toro in the list of great visual stylists who are not great storytellers. I worry for the Scott Pilgrim movie.

(And just by the by, I actually preferred Hot Fuzz to Shaun until the third act.)

Streebo said...

I love SPACED.

From a technical standpoint, I admire the fact that it was shot in a very low budget fashion often using hand held one camera set-ups. When one takes into consideration the number of cuts and angles shown in any given scene of SPACED - one begins to realize that director Edgar Wright always has a very clear vision of what he wants and exactly how he is going to get it.

Streebo said...

SPACED is the show that made me want Jaffa Cakes.

Geoff Klock said...

Sara and I INHALED a pack of Jaffa Cakes every day in the UK, and it turns out our local supermarket actually imports them. If you have never had them, try to find them.

sara d. reiss said...

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm jaffa cakes

that's it. time for a Spaced marathon, with jaffa cakes and mcvities digestives.

i'll even make oven chips and chicken tikka masala served in styrofoam

incidentally, the episode where they go see david walliams (as "vulva") do performance art: freaking GENIUS

Streebo said...

As of yet - it has been nigh impossible to locate Jaffa Cakes in North Carolina.

Sara: The Vulva episode was brilliant. I always think about it whenever I find myself condescending towards someone else about their work or interests. I have to remind myself not to be a "Vulva."