Saturday, January 17, 2009

Batman's Alignment

Darius Kazemi sent me this link to Batman as filtered through the moral system of Dungeons and Dragons. There is something to considering whether you want to make Miller's Batman Chaotic Good or Lawful Evil.


finsof72 said...

Nolan's Batman is apparently a good cow. According to IGN, it's being re-released in theaters and IMAX January 23rd. Milk that thang.

Dork said...

Too bad DC isn't publishing Batman comics with the same standard of quality and appeal.

Stephen said...

OK, that was fairly awesome. (Yeah, I'm a big nerd.)

I'm poorly enough versed in Batman though that I could use a quote reference sheet... I only recognized one (from the original DKR) for sure.


James said...

What comic is the Chaotic Evil image from?