Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Ripping Off AvClub's "The Hater"

By Sara

Because I am home sick for the second day in a row (let's hear for the Flu!) I am going to comply with my loving husband's repeated requests for me to guest blog. Why does he want me to guest blog, you ask? Because of my rampant hate, intolerance and impatience for just about everything in pop culture. This doesn't mean that I don't adore it as well, I just tend to snark on everything that Geoff loves, in a way that he finds hilarious. He thinks you'll find it hilarious too. I have my doubts, but anyway, my snark level is at an ultimate high because I'm super cranky that I'm stuck in HERE while my friends are out sledding in a winter-wonderland -- which is some MAJOR bs as I've been wanting to go sledding for ages and no one would get on board with me -- I thought I'd write the flagship post and turn my crank into some outward hate.

I am promised a special weekly post if my hate is good enough and I'm funny enough. Usually I will be hating on everything that Geoff loves, especially TV. Perhaps some movies thrown in. I MAY dabble in comics, but that is sacred territory around here so I know I will have to have a damned good (and damned hilarious) critique if I'm gonna fly.

The format will be oh-so-simillar to Amelie Gillette's HATER on The Onion's AVClub website (for those unfamiliar check it out: here are some things I will be hating on:

24 (ridiculously overblown republican torture-porn alpha-male claptrap. but what really bothers is me is that EVERY DAMNED SEASON IS THE F'ING SAME! )

30 Rock (a show I once loved too that has turned from quirky funny boyfriend to desperate and lame boyfriend but you stay with him because of a mixture of nostalgia, hope and your own sad desperation)

BSG (featuring "how many characters have cried and/or shot themselves" episode misery index)

The Wire (I haven't seen it, and man are the people who have SERIOUSLY annoying cultists)

and of course LOST. A show I watch because i HAVE to watch it and there is some major backlash going on. I think I've realized I dislike 90% of the cast.



Christian said...

I agree with much of your criticism!

And I'm kind of hoping, paraphrasing Warren Ellis, that 2009 will not be the year of the fucking cry in science fiction television.

scott91777 said...


That's pretty much my take on 30 Rock as well... I'm just not willing to let it go.... I mean, It could get good again, right? right?

Jason said...

Sounds like a fun new feature! I always enjoy seeing people tip the sacred cows.

I have one request/suggestion (if I may be so bold) -- please do not use this feature to say anything positive about something. It's the one thing that ruins "The Hater" for me, when Amelie mentions something she thinks is good. Even when I agree with her, I find myself cringing and wondering, like Milk & Cheese, "Where is the HATE?"

hcduvall said...

This is dangerous ground to step in on the internet, but how you feel about Wire fans is how I feel about Apple fans. Also, I am a Wire fan.

I like that in BSG one of those characters tried to shoot herself, and missed.

Todd C. Murry said...

Yeah, the straw dogging of the torture issue (actually of any sort of oversight at all for the people that "know how to protect us") has seriously marred an otherwise great season of 24 (after the last utterly crap season). Every anti-Jack character holds their views in a horrifically polarized way, and they have actually had a character (a driver) turn around and reassure Jack that all the real people appreciate what he's doing. It's not the torture-is-necessary shtick, or even the gratuitousness that bothers me, it's the oversight=wanting the terrorists to win + being OK with Americans dying message.

I also believe 30 Rock has slipped, but is not unwatchable. A friend of mind loves the show, and thinks it hasn't fallen at all, so there is probably a spectrum on this.

I can't read BSG commentary anymore from people who like the show. Makes me want to vomit. This is the best show on the air to examine for the shark jumping moment (there are so many possibilities to analyze).

But the Wire and Lost are great, you freakin' jerk!

Stefan Delatovic said...

I am looking forward to this with fiendish enthusiasm.

Jonas Schulberg said...


I also agree with the "24" assesment. I tried like hell to watch that show and had to give up after 2 1/2 seasons. My brother, on the other hand, loves it but then again he was more of an "Angel" than a "Buffy" person. Don't know how that connects but I was definately on the side of the latter.

"BSG" bleak, yes - but still great. However, haters, I'm guessing that a small glimmer - a tiny whisper - of optimism may emerge this season. I only say this because the first 4 seasons were an idictment of the Bush regime and now that Obama is on the scene???? Make of it what you will.

sara d. reiss said...

I have skivved off to Italy for a few days (I love me some new york but I have not left the country let alone the city, in nearly three years and it was damned time)but i promise to be on with full hate come next week. I have to catch up on LOST and, sigh, 24 and then hopefully I will have some truly hate-filled things to say.

thanks for the support!