Thursday, February 05, 2009

Avatar Live Action Casting

This is old -- almost nothing on this blog is timely -- but I thought I would put it up anyway. Brad sent me THIS LINK, and Brad and HCDuvall sent me THIS ONE.


brad said...

I read yesterday that Zuko has bee recast as the kid from Slumdog Millionaire. Reaction to the fan uprising?

hcduvall said...

Fan reaction must have fed into some of this, even if Mr. Patel is quite buzzy right now. You'd figure they'd want to replace the kid who said he'd get a haircut and a tan to play his part though.

ba said...

This IS pretty late, Geoff...I think they cast them like 4 or 5 months ago.

Anyway, Jesse McCartney is like a teen heartthrob, so I'm surprised that they replaced him, even if it's for an indie-famous kid. I think, if anything, they are trying to widen the age demographic for the movie rather than trying to make it more "authentic."

Either way, this movie is going to be an epic fail, across the board. It's not even being allowed to be called "Avatar!"

I think we would all rather see a live-action movie with the voice-over actors. Rufio, Bland Ann, and Luke Skywalker? I'm fuckin' THERE.

sara d. reiss said...

you mean egg?

Anonymous said...

I'm in that minority that really doesn't think it's a big deal that white actors were cast for the big three... they were (quite deliberately IMO) the most ethnically indeterminate members of the cast anyway.

But I'm also in that group that's sure the moview will suck anyway, because M. Night Shmyalan will be directing. And that's a damn shame, because Avatar was the best major TV studio cartoon series since Justice League Unlimited hung up its cape back in 2005.

Doug M.