Monday, December 21, 2009

Blog Updates

I realize that I hardly every blog here, in part because I have become busy, in part because I have become more than a little jaded about things like the current comics scene, in part because I am lazy, and in part because twitter allows me to do a lot of things I used to to with this blog in an easier and more economical way. This is not an announcement that I will be blogging less, so much as an acknowledgement of the fact that it appears the amount I blog currently is probably not a temporary position -- although I still hold out hope that I will come roaring back, or take up some big issue-by-issue or episode-by-episode thing. I will certainly be blogging about each of the final 18 Lost episodes, for instance, and really should return to the Maxx. And I am on Winter break now, which means I will finally go to the movies (the last one I saw was Inglourious Basterds): Avatar, Nine, Where the Wild Things Are, The Informant, 2012, The Men Who Stare at Goats, The Box and The Fantastic Mr Fox and the upcoming Legion are all on my list. I expect to have some strong opinions on at least some of those. If I do, I will share.

What is the point? The point is that I used to post, and then add labels to distinguish guest bloggers -- so that if you wanted to follow Jason Powell you could use your RSS reader and his label to just see his posts. But I figured I was the default blogger and you would see mine just from following the main link at No more. All my posts now have their own labels -- which you can use to avoid me or follow me specifically or whatever. The toolbar on the right has been altered to reflect this, and I have made sure each of our primary guest bloggers has the link to their posts with their names.

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